The Werewolves Of The Wolf Moon Penumbral Eclipse

The Wolf Moon of January has the unique trait of bringing together the vast majority of Werewolves. Generally, Werewolf packs, as seen in entertainment media, are in the minority in real life. They lie within the realm of those who can control their transformations or are actually aware of what they are. Even if a person knows they suffer from the Lycanthropy Virus their natural instinct is to be a low profile loner. There’s also the fact that it’s not easy for the average Werewolf in human form to find others of their kind if they’ve never had any previous contact with the supernatural world.🌕

The Frightful Formation Of Paranormal Packs

The metaphysical energies of the Wolf Moon exponentially hyper-activates a part of the werewolf brain that allows it to find others of its kind. This is far beyond what their sense of smell could detect. It also simultaneously sends out a blasphemous beacon of a psychic sort. These two paranormal phenomenon reach out to each other from anywhere between 50 to 100 miles. Thus allowing werewolves to easily coalesce together. They then battle it out to see who will be the alphas, betas, and omegas of the newly formed packs. Normally wild werewolves meeting each other results in a bloody battle to the death! The pack mentality only occurs during this moon or among those who have some level of human sentience while in furry form.🐺

The Abominable Snowman Yeti Factor

For those experiencing severe winter weather the probability of Yeti activity is very high! They usually follow winter storms and blizzards from the Arctic. Despite steering clear of urban and residential suburbs they do hunt humans for sport and dinner! These giant white furry abominations have a dark intelligence that motivates them to play cat and mouse games with people in remote areas. Hunters, hikers, snowmobile riders, and campers are prime targets! In this case, they could be your savior if you are faced with a rapid werewolf pack. The Abominable Snowman is beyond powerful and will take on the biggest threat presented to it. The big beast will not hesitate to attack an entire pack of werewolves thereby allowing you to make your escape! Once the Yeti takes down the Alpha ,and the next few in the line, the rest usually flee in a terror that werewolves almost never feel! As you hear the unholy roars and screeches don’t look back! Just run as fast as your feet can carry you into the dark cold shadows of the nefarious night!☃️ Read The Entire Werewolf Watch Forecast On Our Paranormal Activity Blog…

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Abominable Snowman Creates Snow Rollers

Snow RollersSnow Rollers are supposedly a rare meteorological condition in which certain types of wet snow are picked up by brisk winds. These wondrous winds actually roll them into layered snowballs that may resemble a Swiss Roll , doughnut, or roll of carpet. This meticulous looking coil of snow somehow manages to be neater than a human rolling snow into a snowman! The seemingly natural event is in reality a paranormal phenomenon. The truth is that the astral spirits of Abominable Snowmen create Snow Rollers.  Abominable Snowmen, aka Yeti, are in a constant violent state when awake.  They yearn to viciously hunt down, and kill anything that moves. This constant agitated state can eventually have a negative effect on their brain even if it is paranormal.

Cryptozoological research studies have found that Yeti enter a special relaxing REM dream state while sleeping.  So relaxing that they astrally project their spirits forth into the great white winter.  There in a state of peace, disconnected from reality, their strong astral spirits manifest enough strength to effect the physical environment.  This strength for whatever reason is channeled into rolling up snow into neat little packages.  Apparently it’s a form of supernatural stress therapy.  Winds often accompany such metaphysical events courtesy of Wind Nymphs known as Aurae.  So it’s understandable how weather men, and women could believe that only the wind alone is accomplishing the miraculous Snow Rollers.  It’s thought that Wind Nymphs are attracted to the astral abominations now oddly at peace. Such Nymphs would know the Yeti well due to the blasphemous beasts almost exclusively lurking about the windy environments of blizzards, and high altitudes.

We also theorize that astral Abominable Snowmen are able to locate the perfect type of snow through a process guided by Mother Earth, aka Goddess Gaia, through her loyal Snow Nymphs. Nymphs who may guide multiple Yeti spirits to one location thereby manifesting multiple Snow Rollers. Perhaps this is just another paranormal process to Abominable Yeti Snowmankeep balance in nature. A way to keep evil in check on Earth. Especially since it’s not in the Goddesses nature to eradicate entire sentient species.  Mass extinctions of any species are usually the result of some other factors, or higher dimensional supernatural entities. Certainly she is bound by higher enchanted entities, such as the Omniverse God, from unduly interfering in the evolution of Earth’s species, human, or otherwise.  Although as our planet’s spirit she does have the responsibility to guide the original evolution program in place before her spontaneous birth. She can also create her own species if compatible with the environment.

If you’re lucky enough to marvel at the artistry of a Snow Roller being created in your presence, you will know there are a plethora of invisible entities standing before you! Only certain supernatural beings will be able to witness these serene specters. The Abominable Astrals metaphysical energy rolling the white glittery flakes as Nymphs Of Snow stroll at their sides. Meanwhile Aurae swirl about whimsically whipping up wintry winds whether wild or mild. All interconnected by a shimmering web of energy linking them to Winter Goddesses, and Mother Earth.

Abominable Snowmen Also Create Ice Discs?
Ice CircleRecent paranormal research indicates that the Yeti may also be responsible for Ice Circles in various bodies of water. Clearly it’s quite a coincidence that floating ice seemingly forms a perfect circle on its own. We know that Abominable Snowmen enjoy a dip in freezing waters. So it stands to reason they would dream about doing so, and extend forth in astral form.  It’s thought that their astral spirits dance with Water Nymphs, and Ice Fairies in the winter waters to form these dandy discs! The ice wheels are sometimes collected by practitioners of magic for use in potions, and spells that call upon the Yeti. Unfortunately such spells are for use in targeting an individual as the focus of an Abominable Snowman attack!

Abominable Snowman vs Polar Bear

Which Behemothic Beast Would Win In A Fight?

polar-bear-fighting-abominable-snowman-yetiIt’s the ultimate Arctic showdown between the Abominable Snowman, aka Yeti, and the Polar Bear.  On the iceberg to the left at 9 feet tall weighing in at 900 pounds we have the Abominable Atrocity.  On the iceberg to the right at 10 feet tall on his hind legs weighing in at 900 pounds as well we have the Polar Bear.  Both are covered in white fur with sharp teeth, and a ferocious demeanor when provoked.  The Yeti is supernatural while the Polar Bear is natural.  The Snowman is somewhat intelligent in comparison to the bear but both are animals at heart.  Which one of these formidable warriors will be the other one’s dinner?  Despite the equal weight, and the one foot height advantage, when the polar bear is on his hind legs, the win always goes to the Abominable Snowman.  At least that is what Eskimo eye witness accounts indicate along with Cryptozoological research that clearly indicates the superior supernatural strength of the Yeti.  The Polar Bear puts up a noble fight as the two monsters roar with rage.  However within thirty seconds the Abomination of the Arctic has begun tearing the poor furry fellow to shreds.  Within five minutes the entire Polar Bear is consumed including the bones which are ground into powder under the raw power of the Yeti’s steel jaw.  Now that winter has come to the Northern Hemisphere the shocking snowman is among us as he moves south following the paths of blizzards.  Now our domain is his domain for he is the alpha predator.  All humans be on alert this holiday season for the Abominable Snowman has a special hunger for humans!