What Are The Paranormal Uses Of A Black UV Light?

A Blacklight is a device that emits long-wave Ultraviolet Light (UV-A) through a violet filter. This allows a visible aiming marker for the invisible UV light. The use of a Blacklight has always been an invaluable modern tool for a number of applications. This includes detecting various counterfeit countermeasures in documents for authenticity, finding defects in objects, fluid leaks in mechanical devices, and tracking animals. Within the scope of an investigation, Black Lights have been a necessary tool in uncovering clues that are invisible to most human eyes. This includes bodily fluids, suspect substances, and other essential elements to solving a mystery.

Blacklight Repellent Properties
In the wondrous world of supernatural investigations, the Blacklight is used for a wide array of detection, repellent, and even attractant applications. To an extent, Ultraviolet light is considered unholy light when not emanating from a holy being or incorporated within holy sunlight. This means the use of a black light anywhere in the vicinity of white magic or blessed items, like holy water, may cause them to become tainted. The UV lights ability to repel demonic based beings is limited and is ironically the product of its existence in holy sunlight. It can temporarily blind vampires, werewolves, and some other evil entities. Often the blindness gives way to confusion. Especially in werewolves. Vampires are able to recover quickly so it’s not a recommended weapon unless you have no other choice. Although not demonic in nature, zombies may become disoriented by the UV light directed into their sensitive rotting eyes. Manticores loathe light of any type including UV. Interestingly enough certain dark fairies may actually be blasted into ash by a simple UV light!

Blacklight Attractant Properties
The higher frequency of light contains more energy for metaphysical entities to power up on. Therefore it may attract ghosts, poltergeists, nature deities, various spirits, and even Angels who are known to resonate in the UV spectrum when descending to Earth. Their holy UV light actually strengthens magic such as the Angel based Enochian Magic.

Blacklight Discovery Properties
The Blacklight is known for making the invisible visible. Ghosts, spirit entities, and various metaphysical energy manifestations not phasing into the visible light spectrum may be seen with a UV light. Some surmise the widespread use of blacklights in haunted house attractions has its true roots in making sure no real ghosts crash the Halloween party! Some psychics, mediums, and ghosts hunters have a tendency to constantly bathe their homes in ultraviolet rays in order to detect whether or not they brought their work home with them!

The light also aids in the detection of metaphysical matter such as Ectoplasm. A clear indication of nearby otherworldly activity. This may even include the discovery of portals to other dimensions.  A black light can also be used in tracking physical supernatural beings. The subtle tracks of light-footed paranormal’s and trace amounts of fairy dust that have lost their luminescence. There’s also the illumination of creatures lurking in the dark shadows. Even monsters with chameleon-like properties and those who blend seamlessly into their environments. For instance, Swamp Monsters are difficult to detect among the pea soupy water and green scum floating about. The handy black light may even let you glimpse past some invisibility spells and magical cloaks that hide a persons presence. Low-level Glamouring spells may also be seen through courtesy of a UV light. You may purchase a variety of quality hand held Black Lights here. The same types we use here at Mystic Investigations!

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