How Do Paranormal Investigators Escape Capture?

handcuffed-by-evilThere have been times when members of our paranormal investigations team have been captured by the forces of evil.  For those without the benefit of super strength, bone displacement, magical powers, or telekinetic abilities how can you escape?  The video above displays the most common binding techniques of kidnappers which are handcuffs, zip ties, and duct tape.  Generally the denizens of darkness have diabolical plans reeling through their sick minds, and they just want to confine you quickly without delay.  Usually just tying your hands together in the easiest ways possible.  Hopefully they bind you in front rather than behind your back which might require some tricky contorting to move your arms in front of yourself. Once your confined they normally leave you to your own devices while they contemplate their next move some distance away.  Well that’s usually the case unless of course you were their target all along rather than being someone interfering in their master plan.  Usually we’re the monkey wrench thrown into their finely tuned engine of evil!

Please keep in the mind the techniques in the video above are only to be used for entertainment or escaping criminals holding you against your will.  Certainly you should not attempt escape from law enforcement.  That’s your lawyers job!

Then once you escape, and you realize the sinister syndicate is too great to ever be quelled you can refer to the Soldier of Fortune Guide to How to Disappear and Never Be Found.  Of course vampires, and other immortals have to disappear every so often to start a new life so you’re not alone.

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