Abominable Snowman vs Polar Bear

Which Behemothic Beast Would Win In A Fight?

polar-bear-fighting-abominable-snowman-yetiIt’s the ultimate Arctic showdown between the Abominable Snowman, aka Yeti, and the Polar Bear.  On the iceberg to the left at 9 feet tall weighing in at 900 pounds we have the Abominable Atrocity.  On the iceberg to the right at 10 feet tall on his hind legs weighing in at 900 pounds as well we have the Polar Bear.  Both are covered in white fur with sharp teeth, and a ferocious demeanor when provoked.  The Yeti is supernatural while the Polar Bear is natural.  The Snowman is somewhat intelligent in comparison to the bear but both are animals at heart.  Which one of these formidable warriors will be the other one’s dinner?  Despite the equal weight, and the one foot height advantage, when the polar bear is on his hind legs, the win always goes to the Abominable Snowman.  At least that is what Eskimo eye witness accounts indicate along with Cryptozoological research that clearly indicates the superior supernatural strength of the Yeti.  The Polar Bear puts up a noble fight as the two monsters roar with rage.  However within thirty seconds the Abomination of the Arctic has begun tearing the poor furry fellow to shreds.  Within five minutes the entire Polar Bear is consumed including the bones which are ground into powder under the raw power of the Yeti’s steel jaw.  Now that winter has come to the Northern Hemisphere the shocking snowman is among us as he moves south following the paths of blizzards.  Now our domain is his domain for he is the alpha predator.  All humans be on alert this holiday season for the Abominable Snowman has a special hunger for humans!

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