June 15, 2024
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12 years ago

When I didn’t feel safe. I meditated for a mega mouth shark to patrol my house and land. It did. lol I know this because I have a few friends who are good at astraling. They would come here. Being men and only friends. They wanted more than that. So astrally they would come and basically rape me. I got upset! And this is why I had the mega mouth here. I think of him as my protector spirit. The men who did this told me. I was trying to come to you and there was a giant shark circling your house so I ran away! lol hahaha.. Hey well. I asked them to stop. I was nice about it. I just felt they were taking advantage of me. When I say friends only I mean it! Yes ghost animals are all around us. I once got scratched by a ghost cat in my shower. I said hey stop that. It felt just like a cats claws. That was the only bad thing. But normally I have good experiences with ghost animals.

12 years ago

I meant to say it was a Megalodon shark. Supposedly extinct. In spirit form they are bad ass. Great way to keep unwanted visitors. The deal was that I gave them allot of energy. (Like food to them in the afterlife!) I don’t abuse this. I have a great respect for all life.

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