What’s Behind The Recent Dolphin Killings?

There have been a number of recent dolphin slayings on the US Gulf Coast.  These include the use of guns, and sharp implements in a despicable spree of mutilations upon some of the most intelligent and friendly creatures on Earth.  Dolphins are known to be close companions of Mermaids and Merman.  In fact, most descendants of the lost continent of Atlantis have one as a free-range pet of sorts. During childhood, a dolphin will choose a mermaid child and become psychically connected to them for life.  Although the marine mammal is free they tend to spend a lot of time with the Mermaid, and both can call to each other telepathically.  The loyalty of these special dolphins is rewarded with immortality, or at least the same life expectancy as their Mermaid friend.  Since Mermaids are immortal, yet not invincible, an eternity of friendship is possible.  However, if the Mermaid dies then the dolphin will lose their immortal status and die a natural death.  If they are well past their natural life expectancy of no more than 50 years then they will die within hours of the magical bond being broken.  If the dolphin is killed the Mermaid will not lose its immortality and die.  They will however become extremely depressed and may contemplate ending their life. Sometimes they turn to magic in order to resurrect their beloved companion.

Mystic Investigations has a road team in the Gulf area investigating these outrageous atrocities! We’re also in contact with other paranormal investigators in the area.  Our preliminary findings indicate that a dark practitioner of magic is behind the heinous acts of Dolphincide.  A sinister Caucasian male has been spotted near some of the scenes of these horrifying incidents.  He sports a red pentagram-Devil tattoo and was wearing a black robe and hood like that of a monk.  We believe he’s looking for these unique mystical dolphins in order to either gain access to the Mermaid via the magical symbiotic bond or looking to activate a powerful spell of some type.  This could involve a personal quest for immortality or higher magics through sacrifices of sacred beings to demons.  This sick individual is thought to be a Warlock, and his mutilations seem to suggest a magical test to determine if the dolphins are enchanted by Mermaids.

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If you spot a suspicious individual near a seashore or out in the ocean on a boat then immediately call your local paranormal investigators or a good practitioner of real magic. Do not approach the denizen of darkness as he is armed and extremely dangerous.  If his weapons fail him he will more than likely resort to magic as a defensive tool.  If humans don’t apprehend him then he will probably slip up and be taken down to the dark depths of the supernatural seas by vengeful Mermaids He’s also in danger of incurring the wrath of Sea Gods or Goddesses.  This horrific serial killer must be stopped from taking advantage of the curious playful natures of Mother Earth’s most prized creations!

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