Indonesian Village Flooded With Blood From Vampire Harvesting Operation

The streets literally ran red in the Indonesian village of Jenggot on Saturday, February 6, 2021. The village is located south of Pekalongan city in Central Java. It was there that flood waters supposedly swept red dye from a Batik factory down to Jenggot. The factory utilizes ink resistant wax on cloth to dictate dye patterns. We now know that the crimson flooding was in fact from a vampire blood harvesting center. All over the world, the immortal bloodsuckers of the night have secret locations where hypnotized humans have their blood taken against their will. Upon release, they feel very weak but remember nothing due to the vampire’s hypnotic suggestions. Those with some immunity to hypnosis often end up thinking they were abducted by aliens. Vampires take this more humane non-lethal route for their own selfish ends. If too many deaths’ occurred then human governments would investigate and eventually take action!ūüßõ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

These blood harvesting operations are often funded by royal vampires with wine-like cellars of vintage blood from various ethnicities and antigen types. In some cases, supernatural creatures are kidnapped and drained of blood as well. When possible these nefarious organizations are set up near businesses that utilize red dye. Especially in regions where flooding is common. This allows any blood released to be explained away as an industrial accident rather than something very sinister and supernatural. The governments of the world are well aware of what the vampires are doing but allow it so as long as they aren’t committing the mass murder of their citizens! Naturally, they aid in the cover-up by pushing the less alarming narrative to the media for the sake of preventing public panic. Any attempt to chemically test the sanguine flood waters is quickly halted by the government as well.

This particular Pekalongan blood center is rumored to be directly operated by First Generation Transylvanian Royal Vampires. Plausibly King Dagan and Queen Gula themselves would have drunk this blood within their castle in Diavol City, Transylvania. It’s not uncommon for these warehouse operations to collect blood, bottle it in vacuum-sealed containers, and then export it to the upper crust of vampire society. All under the watchful eye of deeply deadly Vampire Knights who live to serve their royal sires. For now, this despicable harvesting factory is closed for fear of mass exposure. Vampire Slayers often look upon red dye factories with a wary eye while searching for the signs of vampire activity. Think about that if you happen to live near a dye factory or business that uses dye in their manufacturing processes!ūü©ł


The Growing Epidemic Of Vampires Going Back To High School

Back To School VampsNaturally the girl or boy who is the object of a vampires¬†obsession is shocked to find out what they really are. However they almost always fall in love with the strikingly beautiful, and beguiling vampire.¬† The teens in question don’t care that their love interest is in fact old enough to be a skeleton, or even dust in the wind! ¬†Many teenagers are bewitched by the charms of vampires, and mystical nature of their immortal lives.¬† Sometimes it’s the hypnotic suggestions talking but most of the time these foolish kids go head over heels for the drinkers of forbidden blood.¬† This is especially true for the girls who find male vampires beyond irresistible in comparison to the silly awkward, immature, and sometimes vile little teen boys they are usually forced to choose from. The ones they end up marrying, and divorcing in later years! Many boys on the other hand are unsure if they can handle the sensual seductiveness of a hot young looking Vampira.¬† Sometimes things get complicated when a young Werewolf enters the equation since they’re the natural enemies of vampires.¬† Such supernatural triangles of youthful love can often turn dangerous!

Suppose someday humanity gains immortally through technology?¬† Would it be acceptable for an 80 year old guy who looks 17 to go back to high school, and date a 16 year old?¬† Of course not!¬† It’s certainly not acceptable for young looking adult humans who have posed as teens, and even re-entered high school under an alias. That 80 year old, and others of his mental kind, would be branded perverts, and a pedophiles.¬† So why do vampires think they can operate above the law, and corrupt teens?¬† As one vampire we interviewed told us, “Because I can!¬† Nobody has the power to stop me!”¬† Well someone did not long after interviewing him.¬† A vampire slayer who took him down with a vengeance!¬† It’s time to send a message to fresh faced vampires that we will not tolerate them infiltrating our high schools, and dating our kids any longer. ¬†Your charming charisma will no longer fool us! Why not at least go back to college?¬† Go find someone your own age or better yet someone of your own species you filthy fiends of the night!

If you’re a parent worried about your teen, and want to protect them against blood sucking Lotharios, then we have a few tips.¬† Firstly, these tricky suckers have ways of existing in the sunlight. These include magical daylight rings, and gnomes blood to name a few. However none of these are permanent solutions, and you may catch a few wisps of what appears to be steam coming off them in sunlight. Secondly, be very suspicious if your daughter is suddenly dating a brooding guy, with dark heart felt eyes, who rarely smiles, and dons an odd Pompadour. ¬†If the guy seems much too caring, attentive, philosophical, and beyond mature for his age then look into his past. ¬†Be wary if your son’s¬†latest love interest is way too hot for him.¬† Female vampires often go for intellectual types with an air of innocence. Corrupting them is a deep turn on in their demonic eyes! So if your computer nerd of a son is suddenly dating an ultra hot chick it’s probably time to douse all his food in garlic!¬† Either way we recommend heading down to your local church, and getting some holy water.¬† Then find an excuse to sprinkle some on the suspected vampire, or put a few drops in their drink.¬† You could also get them to hold a holy cross, or Bible as well.¬† Vervain is also a herb that causes great pain, and temporary cellular destruction in vampires.¬† Once you’ve exposed them they will tug at your heartstrings, and declare their living dead love for your child.¬† They will also claim that their existence in your child’s live is essential in order to protect them from various evils that are usually a result of their presence to begin with!

If your teen knows his dark¬†secret then she or he will plead with you to let them date.¬† Don’t fall for any of it! Just about every teen who gets involved with a vampire ends up in serious danger along with all their family, and friends.¬† We don’t recommend dealing with the vampire on your own. Especially with your teen nearby.¬† They’d never forgive you for staking their boyfriend or girlfriend.¬† Instead call your local vampire slayer, or paranormal investigations firm to dispatch the ancient teen with extreme prejudice!¬† Let the pros come in to clean up the vampire, and his paranormal mess.¬† If you’re lucky they might very well do it for free!¬† Of course in the end you’re responsible for managing the mental health of your angst ridden heart broken teen!



The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

The local New Mexico news report above speaks of the efforts of Hugo Pecos, former director of the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, to get a memorial for the agency placed in Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza.¬† The now extinct agency was a minor agency absorbed into the current Paranormal Defense Agency which is a top-secret branch of the Department Of Defense.¬† The PDA is responsible for most of the so-called “Men In Black” and deal in all supernatural beings including aliens, which is at the top of their list as being a threat to the government.¬†¬† Although the US government has colluded with the “Greys” of Gliese 581c in the past.

When it comes to real supernatural beings, such as vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc, the Paranormal Defense Agency delves more into research for military benefits.¬† Since in reality, these beings aren’t much of a threat to the government, and rather only a threat to individual citizens, and perhaps whole communities when it comes to zombies. Our government is under the control of the planet’s evil billionaires and royal plutocrats. They’re only interested in the self-preservation of their power. This is especially true at the top-secret levels out of the view of common citizens.¬† In fact, the government has developed an artificial zombie virus, based on the supernatural zombie virus, that it may release if the people ever revolted against the unconstitutional regime.¬† Let us hope this never happens.