Freak Violent Winds At Rose Bowl Caused By Aurae

On December 31st, 2014 there was a freak violent wind event explained as a tornado despite no hint of any storm clouds whatsoever.  Certainly, no funnel cloud was witnessed.  This event took place at a Rose Bowl Fan Fest event near the actual Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  As seen in the video above the whirling winds sent tents, and gear aloft as people screamed and scrambled for cover.  We now know that the brisk winds were caused by Aurae, or Aurai, which are Wind Nymphs (minor wind deities).  Together these Nymphs of the breezes form one spirit known as Aura.  There are various Gods, and Goddesses of the winds above them but ultimately they all fall under the rule of Aeolus.  However, Aeolus, and his various Undergods had nothing to do with this event.  It was completely the doing of the local Breeze Nymphs.

Angry Aurae Activate Alarming Air!

Wind Nymphs

Various Californian Witches have verified that the Aurae were angry about the Rose Bowl event desecrating, and disrupting the surrounding nature.  It seems one too many people littered, and had ill will toward the environment.  It’s believed a tin can thrown at some ducks was the last straw! So the Nymphs decided to clean house and created their own open-air twister vacuum to suck up and blow away the refuse.  Naturally, as with various angry nature deities, a higher one steps in to halt various actions that might bring negative repercussions on the Earthly Gods.  The God Of The West Wind Zephyrus immediately ordered a halt to the gale-force assault.  The Nymphs didn’t want to comply at first but Zephyrus’s wife Iris, Goddess Of Rainbows, finally calmed them down.  The Wind Nymphs surrendered the Rose Bowl to the humans and headed out into the Pacific Ocean for a rest. Sylphs, aka Air Fairies, temporarily took over operation of the localized winds. The Windy Wonders of Pasadena returned a week later to resume their nature Nymph duties.


Major Magical Faery Battle On Isle Of Man

Fairy Battle

Sporadic arcs of iridescent light were reported over the Ballaugh Curraghs wetlands on the Isle Of Man at sunset on July 9th through approximately the 12:00 AM Midnight Witching Hour of July 10th.  An eerie mist moved in off the sea at about 11:30 PM, and that’s when the colorful rays of light most densely blasted with a distinctive otherworldly din. Our research indicates that two factions of Faeries were engaged in immortal combat with each other.  This supernatural story first broke on Emmett McIntyre’s blog on

It seems a band of Irish Trooping Faeries was flying over the Irish Sea when they were blown off course by an unexpected gale.  Since Fairies are lower level nature spirits under the general authority of Nymphs, minor nature deities, there was something suspicious about this gale.  The human meteorologists may never get the weather right but by golly Faeries, Nymphs, and Goddesses create it!  The Devil himself in biological form, last seen in England near Stonehenge with the nefarious Plague Doctor mere days before, may have had a hand in this.  If so it’s unknown what his motives may have been.  Possibly a first minor effort to sow discord among the Earthly Gods as the specter of Armageddon looms forth? Certainly the presence of the Universes top Demon so close to this incident couldn’t be a coincidence? The Irish Faeries were known to be a renegade group but were still regarded as peaceful, and no higher level nature deities would have perpetuated any unpleasantness upon them.

The Irish Faeries, known to be loyal to the Celtic Goddess Brigid, had no choice but to land on the Isle Of Man to seek refuge from the gale.  Unfortunately the Isle Of Man Fairies, known to be deeply beholden to the Celtic Sea God Manannán mac Lir, are isolationists who did not take kindly to what they viewed as an invasion force in their sacred territory.  That’s when the first battle ensued on the shores making their way to the main battle ground at the Ballaugh Curraghs wetlands.

Manannán mac Lir paraded his deep cloak of mist forth upon the Isle to give his Faeries a fighting edge as they knew how to navigate it well.  All hope seemed lost for the Irish Troop as a kaleidoscope of magical energy arcs volleyed about causing a remarkable increase in local flora. Witnesses early the next morning were dumbfounded by the plethora of flowers that appeared out of nowhere overnight! It’s said the mist cleared rather quickly during the Witching Hour due to the Goddess Brigid charming Manannán mac Lir.  A cease fire was called by the two Gods, and the Faeries reluctantly obeyed.  Local witches who had captured some of the Faeries in the chaos of the battle were compelled by local Nymphs to release the Fairies.  However they were allowed to keep the captured mystical energies of the epic metaphysical melee. It would be best for anyone up to no good to avoid these Isle Of Man Witches for a great many months due to their stockpile of Fairy power, and dust.  Witnesses reported the sparkling gold Faery dust was strewn among the newly sprouted flowers, and shrubs.  The Irish Troop was allowed to rest on the shores of the Isle until the brink of dawn when they flew up over the Irish Sea into the serene sunrise.

Zeus Demands Peace Among His Allies!


Not soon after the Faery incident unofficial spokesperson for the Earthly Gods, and leader of the largest faction of said Gods, the Greek God Zeus, urged all Gods, Goddesses, and other nature deities to get along as Armageddon approaches.  He was quoted as saying,”We shall not allow this Earth we built to fall into the hands of the Demons, Jinn, nor even the so called sainted Angels.  This is our domain, and all life, including the humans, are under our holy protection”  Zeus also took this opportunity to further comment on the February 2014 tragedy perpetuated by The Devil which resulted in his Siberian Demigod training camp being destroyed. Zeus stated,”The massacre of my innocent children shall not go unpunished.  Those brave men, and women did not die in vain.  They’re deaths shall be avenged.  Anyone who can bring me the Devil dead, or alive will receive instant ascension to Godhood by my side.”  Certainly this is the highest reward anyone could offer!

This message from Zeus came from his Official Counsel Of High Priestesses in Greece.  Just recently formed to be his mouthpiece in the war of Armageddon.


The Ill Fated Russian Sleep Experiment

Sleep Deprivation Experiment Demonstrates Humans Are In Essence Animal-God Hybrids

Humanity, or any intelligent species in the Proto-Godhood stage of their evolution, faces grave dangers.  Dangers of not only destroying themselves collectively with their own technological creations but also the psychological struggles that individuals face within their own animal-god hybrid minds along with unknowing physical struggles.  Within the Proto-God stage humans still have a biological animal body, and brain with animal instincts yet their sapient consciousness is soaring to infinite heights within their limitless imaginations.  Metaphysical minds that yearn to be free in the higher dimensions of reality while at the same time being anchored to this reality in a 3-D animal form.  The animal that simultaneously yearns to exist only on this Earth, and return to being in tune with nature.  This creates sub-conscious inner conflicts where the animal is battling the god within us.  This phenomenon may in fact be the underlying cause of many mental disorders humans suffer from.

A Monstrous Transformation Of A Supernatural Sort!

De-Evolved Human Animal

Normally our coping mechanism is to enter REM sleep, and partake of the mentally & physically healing sub-conscious dream cycle.  As our animal bodies regenerate so does our Godlike consciousness heal amid the complex creative imagery of our Dreaming minds.  Our sub-consciousness goes a step further by temporarily freeing it’s true form, the Metaphysical Astral Energy Body, or Soul, into the higher dimensional Astral Dream Plane.  With the soul away the human animal body can heal the damage caused by the immense paranormal pressure of our Astral Soul upon it.  At the end of good nights sleep full of delightful dreams the animal, and God within us become one in balance with each other.  When deprived of sleep the animal will rage forth as the God consciousness fades to the background.  The experiment detailed in the video at the top of this article clearly shows what happens with extreme sleep deprivation.  We de-evolve into violent insane animals who are still self-aware with intelligence yet beholden only to their animal instincts.  Instincts that can manifest as acts of evil in our civilized society.  In the animal world it is simply survival.  Just imagine if we were able to put various animal consciousnesses into a human brain where they had access to our intelligence.  Imagine how violently evil, and crazy they would seem!  Especially a Killer Bee possessing a person!
Many intelligent species in our Universe destroy themselves before ever attaining the quintessential Utopian society, and becoming living Gods via technological evolution.  Hopefully, humanity can make it though our equivalent of evolutionary adolescence, and ascend to Godhood in the higher dimensions.  We were meant to become free spirits of pure metaphysical energy and thought who can go anywhere, do anything, and manifest in any form we so choose.  So please get a good eight hours of sleep every night, and let your imagination soar free!

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