The Myth Of Mice In Rural Homes

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On several occasions over the years, I’ve had people claim that it’s inevitable you will get a mouse in your house if you live in the country. Frankly, they’re full of it! If you have mice in your house then you’re either lazy or lacking common sense. Many years ago I rented a drafty old mobile home and mice started popping up everywhere! I was already someone who watched the door like a paranoid hawk whenever I go inside and out. Whether it be for insects or any other type of animal who feels like trying to wander on in. So that wasn’t the issue. The odd propensity of some to go in and out of their house like an obsessive nut will eventually grant you the gift of various vermin. It’s interesting that parents will tell their kids they need to stop doing that or they will be forced to stay inside for the day. However, the parents will hypocritically dash through the door as many times as they please. If you need to go in and out multiple times in a short period of time then perhaps you have memory issues or ants in your pants!🐭

The Malevolent Magic Of Invisible Entry Points For Mice

My mouse problem was from multiple micro entry points throughout the mobile home. Particularly from gaps in plumbing and a huge one where the gas line connected to the stove. Whoever built that place was an insane idiot! I went around on my hands and knees and sealed every freaking little nook and cranny with spray foam insulation sealant in a can and steel wool! I used these two items because a motivated mouse could chew through hardened foam while pulling out steel wool. Together they create a formidable barrier in the battle against an army of mice! The foam will also expand into cracks you might not see. [Shop For Steel Wool | Shop For Foam Sealant (Ads) ]🐀

A Little Effort Enchants Your Home Free Of Pests

After that, I lived there for another fours years and never saw another mouse ever again! You can live in the most dilapidated hell hole out in the middle of nowhere and not be plagued with vermin invading your home. Seal up the entry points and watch the ground by your doors when entering and existing. If you need to wedge a door open to move stuff in then have someone watching for animal entry. It also helps to keep things clean of food particles that attract mice and other wretched disease-carrying pests. In my case, it was probably the fact that the mice detected an inviting heat as the cold weather of Autumn came into play.🐁

By Xavier Remington

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