The Masters Money Mentality

The Masters Money Mentality is a mental conditional suffered by a great many so called adults around the world. However, it has run rampant in first world nations where people have become spoiled and feel life is about acquiring luxuries while trying to create a delusional paradise that simply can’t exist. They also see themselves and those they deem important as Masters while everyone else is an expendable tool. The need to lavish themselves with “treats” stem from a place of low self-esteem and big egos that are the norm for our 21st century society. The idiocy begins in childhood since this condition is childish in nature. The prime example is when kids are given an allowance and love to spend it on toys, candy and other treats. Then when instructed to spend it on school supplies or something else they don’t care about they pout and have a fit.

The Poor and Middle Class Fall Prey To The Masters Mentality

The equivalent of this is seen in adults who have no issue lavishing themselves, family, or friends with luxury treats that serve no purpose other than selfish pleasures. Yet necessities are a begrudging expense. The Masters Money Mentality is seen in both poor and rich alike. For instance we have so many in the lower class who need that 52 inch plasma television with giant speakers along with the complete cable TV package. However, then they claim they can’t afford to pay the rent or electric bill. Also there’s plenty of money to go out partying at the taverns and night clubs. Perhaps even indulge in some gambling. It hits their primitive pleasure centers and makes them feel good like a simple animal. Despite the fact that logic and common sense should create the opposite effect. They should feel the dread of wasting money and facing bills for necessities they can’t pay. This often causes them to charge everything on credit cards and eventually claim bankruptcy. Some even go on government assistance while refusing to give up their luxuries.

The Wealthy And Big Businesses

The rich will consider money no object in their continued obsession with collecting material items, globe trotting and partying like it’s 2099. Yet if someone wants a legitimate extra penny from them they get very offended as if they’re being taken advantage of. They will often look to pinch pennies on things that are once again not treats to savor within their luxury lifestyle. They will question expenses for repairs and necessities as if they assume they’re being ripped off. They will procrastinate on various things that really aren’t that much money compared to their nutty luxury spending since it’s not a treat. Not one penny shall be taken away from their mountains of cash set aside for their personal enjoyment! Naturally they donate to charities for appearances and tax breaks. Sometimes they give to make themselves feel special. Again this selfishness is usually for their benefit only. We also see similar behavior in businesses who are selective in their expenses. Super benefits packages, miscellaneous luxuries and lavish parties for valued employees are seen as a necessary expenses while they look to cut costs in other areas and hold off on necessary repairs and other expenses as if they have no money. Compared to the luxuries any savings are a joke! A sound business is always thrifty across the board and doesn’t partake of silly expenses.