Hostwinds Domain Web Hosting Review


Hostwinds Has Earned A One Star Rating Out Of Five!

We ordered VPS hosting at Hostwinds through Paypal for nearly $50 on February 2, 2023. Naturally assuming if things went south that Paypal would protect us but there are instances where this isn’t the case. It always seems to be certain hosting services that are guilty of such fraud. Some are wondering why Paypal would facilitate this? These less-than-reputable hosting services almost act as rip-off traps. If they can’t get the customer, they will milk them for every dime no matter what it takes! Desperate much? In the end, people will find they were more or less scammed out of their hard-earned money through a series of corporate red tape loopholes. However, that’s for another review! Frankly, hosting services shouldn’t ask for any money upfront if they’re for real! Let someone try the service for a week before asking for money! Right out of the gate Hostwinds couldn’t get things up and running. An automated system then opened a series of service tickets where they would pass the buck to another department. We literally have dozens of emails documenting the idiocy of this bureaucracy!

Despite this, we were willing to give them a chance and repeatedly asked how to proceed. They just kept talking among themselves like silly drones and ignored us completely! After several hours of BS we finally canceled the service as they claim to have a money-back guarantee if the service is canceled within 72 hours. This then opened up another series of auto-support emails and there was finally a reply that indicated they would be keeping the cash for their trouble! Filing a dispute at Paypal seemed to anger them further as they said it was against their terms of service. How can they deny Paypal arbitration and yet use Paypal as a payment option? You can sense the underlying hatred in their emails. They were very condescending and acted like they scored a victory and got us! Seriously unprofessional and disturbing! At least other services like Host Gator automatically gave us a refund without question! That is why we’re not reviewing them since we were left with a neutral feeling. We neither gained nor lost with them. No harm done! However, Host Winds is almost vindictive when it comes to giving us a refund! How can someone keep the money for one month’s worth of hosting when they didn’t even provide one second of it?

Any reputable business that fights that hard for $50 when they provided no product or service is someone to be wary of. This review and others across the Internet wouldn’t have been written if they were just gracious and did the moral thing as decent human beings. We believe them to be weasels and the quintessence of evil on this sainted Earth! The combined incompetence of not even being able to set up a hosting service within several hours, passing the buck within their silly support system, and then fighting the refund like a bunch of low-rent bitches speaks volumes about the mistake it would have been to host with them! It’s a clear reflection of the service they would have provided!

We would not sully our beautiful website on their sickening servers of sinister darkness! One wonders what manner of cyber-demonic entities could live within the silicon walls? We will continue writing honest negative reviews and contacting various consumer protection organizations and government agencies to expose their fraud! Particularly in their home of Seattle, Washington! They’ve replied to some of them with more corporate red tape-style reasons why they can’t refund the money thus proving us right! Just admit you steal from people like common thieves you cyber-criminal Host Winds jokers! So beyond insecure about your service that you prey on every innocent victim you can squeeze money from! The government should seriously be looking for other consumers who were scammed! We have found plenty of other reviews indicating their evil greed! Perhaps a Class Action Suit as well? You’re not the almighty God Host Winds! We’re not all helpless marks you con artist sons of bitches!🧐

UPDATE: After a long hard fight and wasting all manner of time we finally got a full refund courtesy of PayPal!🤣 That’s why we use it as an intermediary between con artist weasels like Host Winds. Naturally, these egotistical fools didn’t even respond to the PayPal dispute as they were so self-assured of their superiority as a supposedly big business. They allow PayPal as a payment method yet don’t approve of filing a dispute with them. If they find PayPal to be such a threat to their sainted nefarious operation then maybe don’t offer it because we wouldn’t have signed up with their hosting to begin with if it wasn’t an option! Host Winds was so adamant about no refund due to filing a dispute and also because they never got a chance to set up service. They kept evolving the reasons. At the end of the day why does anyone have a right to keep money for a service they didn’t provide? People should be able to sign up and then cancel in one second for any reason they feel like! Avoid any business with these terrifying tactics!🧐


📝Dream Host is another group of top-flight scam artisans we dealt with on December 4th, 2021. Just like Host Winds they fought to keep money for no service whatsoever! It was only $2.00 we ended up losing so we didn’t pursue anything. Still, these jokers fought to keep that $2.00 as if they had fallen on hard times. Beyond puzzling!?! It was such an unimportant footnote it ended up being a footnote in this review. Still, we believe a better name for them would be Nightmare Host as they clearly utilize the same tactics as Host Winds. Whenever possible sign up for the cheapest hosting plan at any given provider. Then once you see things are legit you can always upgrade to the service you actually wanted.😴