The Mad Macabre Maestro

The Maestro and Little Daisy were a musical favorite among the upper class of the late 1800’s Europe. Daisy was a young orphan girl with the voice of an angel who danced on carefree clouds. The talented pianist Evan Dascălu, aka The Maestro, took her under his envious wing and acted as her Guardian. He had not achieved any level of fame or wealth until Daisy joined his traveling show. The Maestro was jealous of her while at the same time wishing to utilize her talents for his own selfish enrichment. He became concerned as she grew older with the possibility of her voice and adorable appearance changing. Not to mention eventually losing control of her in the notoriously rebellious teenage years.

A Performance For The Vampire Dracula

One fateful night near Halloween the Vampire Dracula invited the duo to his Transylvanian Castle to entertain his honored guests. Some of which were Vampires along with high-level royals in the human world. Then there were the unfortunate ones lured into Dracula’s dark web of deceitful death! The disposable humans who would act as the vampire’s dinner later on! The Maestro witnessed the blood bath after he and Daisy ended their show. He discovered the world of the supernatural was real and quite horrifying. It intrigued him. Thankfully, Little Daisy had gone to bed and remained blissfully ignorant of the sinister situation.

A Demented Dream Come True

The Maestro inquired about him and Daisy becoming immortally perfect and young forever. Dracula dissuaded Maestro from this line of thinking as he explained that something is lost when humans are transformed into vampires. The human soul is cut off from its host and replaced with that of the patron demon who started their vampire family. It’s not uncommon for talented creative individuals to lose their natural skills upon reaching vampirehood. Instead, Dracula hooked him up with the demon sire of his vampire line to strike a deal of damnation. The Maestro gladly sold his soul to the Demon Sanguis in exchange for some wishes. His soul remained intact but would be bound for Hell if he ever died. He was assured demon status someday. While on Earth he was Immortal with some demonic powers granted if he performed regular ritualistic sacrifices.

The Puppet Master Of Humans

The Maestro was given the power to control Daisy like a puppet and keep her under his control forever. He could utilize his now demonically powered soul to keep Daisy perpetually young by paranormal proxy. From that day forth Daisy entered an eternal nightmare of being mind-controlled by the Maestro to sing and dance exactly how he wished. Sometimes he would even attach strings to her and parade her on stage as a literal human marionette. This only for a small audience of dark paranormal entities. When not performing she was kept in a box like a ventriloquist puppet. While acting as Daisy’s puppeteer his eyes glowed crimson. The Maestros sharp demonic teeth appeared with his insane smile during peak performance. Anyone trying to save Daisy became a human sacrifice to his demon master. Certainly, his performances were convenient for luring in prospective victims. Naturally, Dracula got his cut of human blood for introducing the Maestro to the Demon Sanguis.

The Malevolent Maestro Walks Among Us!

To this very day, The Maestro and Little Daisy continue to be a command performance in secret supernatural circles around the world. This includes human royals and wealthy elites who pay the monstrous Maestro in both gold and the blood of the innocent! The Maestros powers have grown over the last century amid a multitude of diabolical sacrifices. He can now control most humans to some degree both mentally and physically. Children and the weak minded are his favorite targets. He is an evil bully who gains pleasure and a feeling of superiority over those who are nowhere near him in power. We can only hope some brave paranormal professionals who specialize in taking down monsters will end this nightmare once and for all! Scare The Hell Out Of Your Halloween Party Guests And Trick Or Treaters With The Life Size Little Daisy and the Maestro Animatronic…🎃