How Can I Become One Of Santa’s Elves?

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In order to become one of Santa Claus’s Elves you must maintain an innocent child like state yet also be extremely intelligent. 100% without a shadow of a doubt you have to believe Santa is real. The Spirit Of Christmas must truly dwell in your heart and soul. The most important thing in your life is to help out the less fortunate and bring good cheer to everyone you cross paths with. Every Christmas you ask Santa to give others gifts while you respectfully request Elfhood status if proven worthy. If you’re going to, or are already in, college then take classes on Christmas along with various factory production related subjects. In general math and science will come in handy in your quest for Elfin status. If Santa decides you’ve earned it then he will pick you up in his sleigh on Christmas Eve and take you home to North Pole City once his gift deliveries are complete!

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