A Girl And Her Snowman

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A special girl with the Spirit Of Christmas dwelling within her manages to breath life into a snowman she built! Similar to the legendary Frosty The Snowman. She grows up with him every winter while he lies dormant in the large garage freezer for the rest of the year. She opens the door every so often to spend time with the icy fellow. Thankfully, such a being born of the Christmas Spirit can astrally project themselves to North Pole City and interact with people. Although any physical manifestation would be limited. Still, don’t feel bad for all that time he sits in the freezer. In his mind his happy and free!

As the girl grows into a woman she gradually loses complete memory of him with the loss of childhood innocence. She seems to forget about him until she rekindles that childhood magic through her own child. Once again she lives the Christmas winter wonderland dream with her animated Snowman. However, now she shares the magic with her daughter who will undoubtedly pass it on to her kids and each successive generation. We pray a power outage doesn’t cut the potential of this immortal Snowman’s life short! Even if that happened we just know Santa Claus would swoop in, and reanimate him just as he’s done with Frosty in Christmas’s past! At some point, this family will discover North Pole City and the Snowman will go there to live merrily ever after for all eternity!🎅

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