Will Santa Claus Deliver Presents If I’m Awake?

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Does Santa deliver to households where everyone is awake all night long?  Mostly no.  Not unless you’ve previously met him, or have been granted the honor to observe Saint Nicholas in action. For him to allow this he must see something special in you. Extremely young kids have the best chance but over time the memory is often mistaken for something imagined. Unfortunately, Old Saint Nick hasn’t the time to say hi to everyone, and for his own safety, he likes to see that all lifeforms in a home are asleep. Although he generally makes an exception for pets such as dogs, and cats.  There are nefarious figures, such as the Anti-Claus, who may try to sabotage Santa in some way. So he’d rather see a home full of serene slumber.

Can You Catch Santa Claus Delivering His Glorious Gifts?


As a Demi-Angel, aka Human-Angel Hybrid, one of his powers is to distantly detect the state of various living beings including human.  If you’re an innocent child able to trick Santa into thinking you’re asleep he will be most impressed that you caught him delivering gifts! In some cases, he will keep you on a list of potential helpers to come work at the North Pole someday. Perhaps able to ascend to the status of a Human Elf! Santa gives presents to a variety of supernatural beings including good witches! Those who can indeed fool him. Each year it becomes a game to see who can trick the other.  Santa always enjoys a friendly rivalry but don’t try to interfere in his dedicated deliveries!  He’ll usually whiz around at super speed, and say something like, “You got me!” before flying up the chimney.

Don’t Miss Out On A Night Of Sweet Slumber And Delightful Dreams!

Ultimately out of respect for Santa Claus you should be in bed as early as possible on Christmas Eve.  Not only do you want to get up at the crack of dawn to rip open your gifts but you also want to be asleep during the night of the most enchanting dreams of the year. Santa Claus’s Angelic powers via the Spirit Of Christmas deliver dreams of sugar plum fairies, all things Christmas, and a world of magical delights to anyone willing to receive them.  Many are even treated to an astrally projected journey to the real North Pole City!  It’s said to be the most peaceful night of sleep you’ll experience throughout the year.  So odds are good he will skip your house if you refuse to go to sleep, and it may jeopardize future Christmas gifts. Of course, he may very well move at the speed of light to hide within the blink of your eye! One second there are no gifts and the next they’re strewn everywhere!

Still, it’s simply best to slumber, and give thanks for your gifts the next day.  Just to be safe be in bed, and sound asleep by 11:55 PM Christmas Eve, and don’t wake up any earlier than 4:00 AM Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!😴

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