The Importance Of Taking Calcium, Vitamin D3 And Vitamin K2 In Unison

If you’re unable to ideally gain all the necessary nutrients from your diet then vitamin-mineral supplementation may be required. Calcium supplementation can provide a plethora of benefits for bone, and heart health when taken properly. Certainly, it’s important to take calcium with your meals with the best variety being┬áCalcium Citrate. ┬áProper absorption of calcium is not seen without Vitamin D. Magnesium also plays a role as well. ┬áThe best kind is Vitamin D3. ┬áVitamin D is known to boost immunity and provide benefits to one’s health in a number of other areas. ┬áSupplementation of Vitamin D may be especially necessary for those who don’t get much sun exposure. ┬áHowever, when you increase Vitamin D intake there’s a greater demand for Vitamin K2.

This is different from K1 which is primarily for blood clotting and can be obtained easily from dark leafy greens. ┬áVitamin K2 is essential for gaining the maximum health benefits from calcium, and Vitamin D along with preventing any toxicity from overdose. ┬áK2 moves calcium about the body to the places it needs to be, and removes it from where it causes harm. In particular, the blood where calcification can take place.┬á Always consult your Naturopathic Physician when considering a nutritional supplementation program. ┬áOf course, you can ask your Allopathic Doctor about this but they’ll probably just sell you a highly expensive toxic chemical prescription drug that suppresses symptoms, and doesn’t naturally remedy your health issue!

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