The Monday Morning Blues

🥱The Downtrodden Wake Slow,💙
Console Themselves With Frosted Dough,🍩
Head Hanging Quite Low,😰
Loathing The Monday Ever So,🙁
Being Over Dramatic They’ll Never Know,😠
Yearning For Friday To Reignite Their Glow…👀

Sweet Sad Girly Girl

Do you wish every day was Halloween or Christmas? Do you shed tears of sadness or clench your fists in fury all week because you hate your job?  Do you Call Wednesday “Hump Day”, act like you work in a coal mine for 16 hours a day, and have a deep silly love for Friday as your salvation leading into the party time weekend? This isn’t the dark ages! You have choices especially if you actually have a full time job.

What Can You Do To Look Forward To Monday Mornings?

Look into online education (Best Online Schools), or night school to retrain yourself for a new career. Or get your resume in order, and work for another company. Of course, your credit report may have to be in order as well since it’s now used by many as the central judgement of your life in employment, and a variety of other areas!  Perhaps even negotiating telecommuting with your employer is a viable option. Especially in the era of COVID-19. You could also work harder with the goal of getting promoted to a position you would like. Ask your employer if they have any in-house training programs to increase your skills, and chances for advancement.

Start Your Own Business

If you have real skills then starting your own business could be an option. This is something you can build gradually in your free time until the day it makes enough to replace your income. Keep in mind you will have to cover taxes and the various benefits you’re used to.  If a boss is making you miserable then report them to human resources in a respectful manner if possible.  Loathing the work week is no way to live your life!  It should be something you look forward to as one of your fulfilling purposes in life. Ultimately it’s your choice. Nobody is forcing you to do anything!  You have the freedom to move your life in any direction you so choose!

By Xavier Remington | Mystic Poetry Portal |

PS: Some have found their salvation from the 9-5 grind here at Mystic Investigations.  A career at our supernatural crime-fighting firm is action-packed, and full of fun all damn day long!  At least the employees seem to enjoy the fun slide from the second floor!


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