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Happy July!

😎July! The sultry quintessence of Summer shining bright,☀️ ♨️🌴Hot humid heart of Mother Nature’s voluminous vegetation,🌻🌳 🍃Hot winds whisking bothersome bugs from frolicking fauna,🦟 🌪️Tumultuous tornadoes and thunderstorms threaten briefly,⛈️ 🌈Sunny skies and white wisps of condensed water vapor return,🌤️ 🏖️Beaches bounding with vacationers along shimmering seas,🌊 🦗The harmonious melody of crickets and frogs echo […]

Happy June!

June! The siren song of Summer sails from the sainted solstice,🌅 The golden sun shines upon sandy beaches and warm waters,🌞 Schools cloistered education gives way to carefree frolicking,⛱️ Sun kissed soils sprout Mother Natures nutritious sustenance,🌻 Flowering foliage flutters to Earth bearing juicy sweet fruit,🍒 Glorious greenery propagates across the lush landscape,🌳 Fabulous fauna […]

Happy May!

May! The icy ashes of winter rest in nourishing Spring showers,🌦️ Guiding growth gloriously green among shrubs and trees,🌳 A cornucopia of colors bloom in beautiful beds of flowers,🌷 Ever sunny skies signal Summers arrival amid a warm breeze,🌞 Flourishing foliage of future fruit flutters forth flowers for hours,🌸 Graduations and Memorial Day merriment bring […]

Beautiful Beaches

Beaches are bastions of beauty amid shimmering sands glittering gloriously in the sainted sun as wondrous waves of pristine waters mist majestically in the aromatic air. Friendly flora and fauna flourishes forth in a fantasy world where sea, land and air become one.🏖️ By Xavier Remington | Main Poetry Portal |

Happy April!

April! The luck of Patrick’s Leprechauns linger luxuriously through the funny Fool’s day.🃏 The last wisps of Winter’s death fade into the glorious greenery of Spring’s splendor.🌿 Budding blooms dot the lovely landscape within beds of gentle grass waving in warm winds.🌷 A kaleidoscope of iridescent majesty surrounds a certain bewitching bunny.🐇 Easter’s rabbit springs […]

The Lucky Saint Patrick’s Day Poem

Early enchanted embers of amber light coat fields of emerald clover, Lucky Leprechauns leap lively through the sainted shamrock shoots, Shimmering rainbows arc across misty March skies steering south, Iridescence ends at a coal kettle crowded with glorious glittering gold, A bright beacon of fantastic fortune signaling the arrival of Saint Patrick! ☘ 🌈Have A Lucky […]

Happy March!

March!🍀 The whistling winds of winter roar in like a lion for its frosty finale.☃️ The first song of spring is sung by beautiful birds witnessing enchanting fairies and nymphs frolicking about in anticipation of Mother Nature’s rebirth.🐦🍃 Winterland white recedes in the sparkling sunlight as sprigs of glorious green wearily awaken in welcoming warmth.🌞 Emerald […]

Mystic Poetry

You have stumbled upon the completely creative corner of Mystic Investigations that presents the poetry of Xavier Remington. Miscellaneous Poems Emotionally Short Soul Office Management Maelstrom Seasons Of Hope And Despair The Sickening Smoker Zombie Time Of The Day Themed Poetry Midnight Witching Hour 3:00 AM Devil’s Hour Day Of the Week Themed Poetry & […]