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Supernatural Sicknesses

A listing of various paranormal diseases and metaphysical maladies that can infect humans. Vampire Virus (Nosferatu Virus) Lycanthrope Virus (Werewolf Virus) Zombie Virus (Zombification Virus) Zombie Flu Metaphysical Movement Syndrome Parallel Universe Vision Syndrome Temporal Disorientation Disorder Also Check Out Supernatural Diseases Category…

Paranormal Phenomena

A menu of paranormal phenomena pages on our website. See also Paranormal Powers and Supernatural Beings. Marvelous Forms Of Matter & Energy Metaphysical Matter Metaphysical Energy Non-Corporeal Matter Non-Corporeal Energy (Consciousness) Abominable Snowman Rollers Arctic-Antarctic Antipodal Portal Astral Legs Blue Lady Nightmares Curses Disappearing Objects Phenomenon Group And Building Spirits Ectoplasm Holiday Spirits Mandela Effect Metaphysical Movement […]