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Holiday Countdown Clocks

Countdown Clock widgets for holidays. New Years Countdown Clock Widget Spring Equinox Countdown Clock Widget Easter Countdown Clock Widget Summer Solstice Countdown Clock Widget Autumn Equinox Countdown Clock Widget Halloween Countdown Widget Winter Solstice Countdown Clock Widget Christmas Countdown Clock Widget

Past Paranormal Holidays

2019 January 1st: 🎉New Years Day | 👶Baby New Year February 1st: St Brigid’s Day(Imbolc) | 😇Goddess Angel Saint Brigid February 2nd: Ground Hog Day | Punxsutawney Phil The Groundhog February 14th: 💝 Valentines Day | Saint Valentine 💔 Dark Valentines Day | Demon Of Hatred Odite  (Dark Valentines Day Warning) February 18th: 🇺🇸 Presidents Day  March 5th: 🍾Mardi Gras | 🃏The Mardi […]

The Supernatural Story Of Saint Valentines Day

The story of Saint Valentine’s Day begins in the metaphysical mind of the Omniverse God in which we all exist. Upon his ascension to Godhood, various concepts and thoughts spontaneously manifested into sapient beings springing forth from his sub-consciousness mind. These are known as Omniverse Personifiers. One of them was Love. Almost immediately Hate was […]

Supernatural Labor Day

The Greek Gods, under the leadership of Zeus, currently control the most powerful faction of Nature Deities. This despite very little worship for them among humans due to the domination of monotheistic religions. They managed to survive a temporary defeat at the hands of the Roman Gods and found a new way of maintaining power in […]

The Supernatural Story Of Saint Patrick’s Day

Since Saints are in essence created by the will of humans, they are given a grander leeway than standard human origin Angels in the afterlife. Especially when it comes to dealings with Nature Deities, and other supernatural beings not necessarily considered holy by the Archangels of Heaven. Generally Saints want to make certain Earthly Pagan factions […]