🌞March 20th gives us the enchanted Spring Equinox of equal days and nights. The delightful days of ever-growing daylight delivering foliage furiously flowing upward toward the sunny skies. Pretty plants of glorious green and flowers of every color decorate the enlivened environment. Amazing animals of all sorts scurry about with glee in the warm sun … Read more

Every Friday The 13th From 1813 to 2113

An unlucky list of every Friday The 13th from 1813 to 2113. Those diabolical dates falling on the 13th year of any given century are highlighted in red. This table of frightening fortune is a handy reference for supernatural research of past Friday The 13th’s and the perplexing planning of future events of dark enchantment!💀 … Read more

Friday The 13th Countdown

Countdown the months, weeks, and days until Jason Voorhees lets loose his reign of bloody terror on Friday The 13th! Lakes with the name Crystal are his favorite targets. However, this living dead serial killer prefers active Summer Camp’s full of sinful teens ready for slaughter on his sainted day of death!🔪 Even if you … Read more

Winter Countdown Clock

❄️The countdown to Autumn’s end brings us the Winter Solstice on December 21st. Winter is a time of dormancy and stasis within the enchanted environment as directed by Mother Earth preparing for nature’s rebirth in Spring. The Winter Season is celebrated in the supernatural world as the holiday of Yule. This sets off the final … Read more

Spring Countdown Clock

🌸The countdown to Winters end brings us the Spring Equinox on March 19th after Saint Patrick’s Day. Spring is a time of rebirth within the enchanted environment as directed by Nature Deities preparing for Summer. The Spring Season is celebrated in the supernatural world as the holiday of Ostara. This sets off the Easter Season … Read more