Asian Sprites

Asian Sprites are also called Asian Fairies, Asian Elves, or even Asian Leprechauns.  They are indeed a distant relative of Leprechauns although they are no taller than 7 inches.  Like Leprechauns they spread good luck and ward of evil spirits.  It is said that a person who captures one and holds it with care for 7 days, in a cage made of gold, will have good luck for all the rest of their days.  The sprite will not be angry about their temporary incarceration since they are deeply soothed by gold. However be sure to feed it anything it so pleases or it will become quite ornery! It seems these little fellas can pack away an amazing amount of sweets and alcoholic beverages. Don’t worry they’re incapable of getting drunk!

Unlike Leprechauns they don’t have pots of gold.  However they wear a unique pure gold bell hat on their head that jingles as they walk. It almost covers their eyes which glow sky blue in the dark.  The sound of the bell is virtually the only way to find them due to their extremely small size.  Their skin is a subtle Chartreuse color which is halfway between yellow and green.  Similar to the subtle green color of Leprechauns skin despite them looking mostly Caucasian in color.  Asian Sprites also have characteristically Asian eyes as well.  Their clothing is olive green which allows for camouflage in their natural environment.

They are generally friendly and harmless creatures who bring about good luck. However things can turn bad if you wrong them in some way.  For instance if you steal their gold bell hat they will personally harass you for all the rest of your days and bite you in your sleep.  This will be the only extent of your bad luck.  Unfortunately if you capture an Asian Sprite and hold it more than 7 days in a gold cage or any length of time in a cage or box made of anything other than gold then you will suffer bad luck.  If it reaches day 13 then your bad luck will be permanent.  Your dark luck will be so bad that the sprite will escape anyway.  Holding a sprite in a silver cage for 3 days will kill it and bring bad luck to you and all your descendants for all the rest of their days on this Earth.  That being said silver or disintegration through holy flames is the only way to destroy an Asian Sprite.  Use of holy flames will neutralize the bad luck and you will suffer no side effects.  The only reason to do such a thing would be if you’re dealing with an evil malicious sprite which is extremely beyond rare. This coupled on top of even getting near a standard Asian Sprite to begin with.  Evil Sprites don’t have the power to spread bad luck except by the mischief of their own little hands.  Evil Sprites can be turned good by holding them in a gold cage for 7 days.  You will then get the good luck you seek!