Aliexpress Is An Odd Fraud Operation

We signed up with for some of those sweet cheap Chinese goods after hearing about the hype. We placed two small orders for a total of under $10. Almost instantly we discovered the account was disabled for unusual activity. Although we only found out when trying to place other orders that they wouldn’t allow us to complete. There seems to be no remedy and no reason whatsoever! There’s no way to even track the orders we made. The odds are we won’t even get them! They don’t respond to us nor allow us to just delete the account and leave. The account itself is inaccurate, claiming we’ve been members since February 2022 when we only signed up in January 2023. This is the date they give as the final month of our membership! What the hell is the matter with these dumb jackasses! That’s fine! We’ll just spend our money elsewhere! What morons! Avoid these scamming jokers who were too dumb to wait for us to place larger orders! LOL! Thank God we ordered so little the first time! Our only goal now is to get the account deleted and scrub our hands clean of their BS! I doubt they can even do that!🛒

PS: Presumably their over-hyped Alibaba site is probably a sham site as well. We didn’t even get a chance to sign up there! Way to lure in the dupes you wizards! Cut them off before they spend the big money! LOL!