Is Fire An Effective Zombie Lure And Destroy Method?

Unlike Frankenstein’s, Zombies have no fear of fire because they feel no emotions to begin with. Fires can be an effective lure for zombies. Particularly at night where the light will stand out the most. Flaming torches can be a fine weapon for one on one combat but larger fires are far better for hellish hordes. The sudden glare, crackling noise, and of course the heat attracts them. A behemoth of a blaze can override the attraction to human body heat along with the smoke covering one’s scent as well.  A zombie horde can be easily led away from your party of apocalypse survivors with a well placed bonfire. A gas, or oil fueled fire in a garbage dump, ditch, or body of water is the perfect trap for the Walking Dead!

Fires can lure zombies away from innocents, and into the hands of waiting warriors ready to pounce with extreme prejudice. If the fire is large enough then the mindless zombies will walk right into it and burn themselves to bones, and ash! Remember you’re a freaking genius compared to literal brain dead zombies! In the end that is the downfall of the rotting animated corpses!

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