Will A Vampire Die If It Doesn’t Drink Blood?

A vampire will not die without blood since it’s immortal fate is sealed within its supernatural living dead body.  Blood is merely needed to stay at peak power and performance as it feeds the vampire virus intertwined with their demonic DNA.  It is not needed to survive.  However, if a vampire denies itself blood or is somehow locked away then it will grow weaker over time until he or she enters a deep eternal sleep.  In the case of being locked up, a vampire will begin to ingest its own blood which will eventually cause it to go mad! The vampire will then enter an imaginary world of their own delusional fantasies.  Certainly, a blessing when one considers the immense pain they suffer without blood for long periods of time. Like a drug addict denied their precious drugs. Only a good Samaritan feeding the vampire blood will snap them out of it thereby restoring the vampire to it’s normal mental and physical state.

A vampire locked away for several months without blood would appear to be a dead person with no heartbeat or respiration what so ever.  However, they are only in a perpetual delusional dream state.  It’s considered the equivalent of a coma in humans.  They would also have skin that looks almost grey in color with a reduction in muscle mass. After years they would start to shrivel into a desiccated mummy. There would be nothing but severely wrinkled dry grey skin covering bones! Yet a few drops of blood would begin the healing process. A complete cup would fully restore them to their former glory as if nothing had ever happened!

A vampires lust of blood is what drives it to seduce and kill humans. Although, many simply partake of people leaving them alive for another time.  Despite this, a small number wish to be human again and attempt to achieve this by refusing to ingest blood.  However, this has never been proved as a method to cure vampirism.  They eventually give in to the bloodlust and drink again before things get too physically and mentally out of control.

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11 thoughts on “Will A Vampire Die If It Doesn’t Drink Blood?

  1. Hello Admin. What do you think will happen to me once I drink blood? Being a hybrid? I have craved blood for a long time. I feel I am a starving Vampire. I have decided to drink cows blood. I know this is a low level of blood. But it’s a start. I am only wondering if I will be able to be in the sunlight again once I do. As of now, I do not age fast. I am 40yrs old and people who do no know me. Think I am 18. This does have it’s advantages. If I begin drinking blood will I look too young? I wish I knew a Royal Vampire. I’m worried I might lose control of my werewolve side. What will I become?

  2. My skin is very pale. I have Strawberry blonde hair. My eyes are green. They turn yellow at will. I can change them with a thought. Last summer when I had a bomb fire with friends. They freaked out! My eyes were glowing bright yellow. I thought at first they were just trying to freak me out. But they insisted my eyes were indeed glowing. I could not explain to them why I was doing this. It was under the full moon as well. They don’t come around me anymore! Seems they fear me now. I am very sensitive to light. I burn very easily and my skin sometimes bubbles up within 10 mins of exposure to a hot sun of over 90′ degrees. Needless to say’ I am an indoor girl on those days and believe in technology. (Air Conditioning). 🙂 As you can tell I have much to tell. I hope you do not get tired of hearing about my experiences. I was going to drink the blood this Saturday night. Please let me know if you think this is a bad idea or not. Thank you Admin. 🙂

    • If you were born a vampire then you must be First Generation Vampire royalty. Perhaps you were separated from your family early on, and raised as human. We’ve not heard of any First Generation vampires who never drink blood but it’s possible since they are so powerful. Avoiding blood would be best since it will activate deep evils from within your DNA.

  3. I come from a long line of vampires. I still need to feed on blood when I can. And for all the people who think you’re a vampire. relax. Being a vampire sucks. If I could have been born human I would have been happier, I’m sure. Anyone who is a Real vampire knows that Being one isn’t like twilight, van Hellsing or Dracula. It’s NOT romantic. It’s difficult. And Drinking blood doesn’t activate deep evils in me. It makes healthy. Some vampires only need the energy of there victims. So Needing blood doesn’t make you weak. It makes you harder to blend in with humans and harder to survive. without Blood you do go crazy. the stronger the blood the less often you have to feed. the weaker the blood and you’ll need to eat every other day. Going too long without feeding is like going through withdraws of someone who’s on drugs. after a while you twitch, whole body spasms, your whole body hurts, there’s a grinding in the pit of your stomach that just gets louder and louder in your head, you have hallucinations, no matter how much sleep you get you feel like you haven’t slept much at all or you can’t sleep, your skin looks pale and pasty like your sick all the time, hair looks dull and lifeless. There is no slumber. only the pain of not feed. I am No weak fool. and have lived long enough to know that for a vampire the blood of a human is the life of a vampire. So if anyone thinks that a purebred like me is weak you are a fool.

    • The only purebred vampire are first generation vampires, and your description is anything but that. You sound more like a half vampire, or Dhamphir. Although even sadder. Perhaps a quarter vampire. Oh my what a plight your life must be!

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