Who Were The First Humans To Travel Into Outer Space?

Where humans of the 20th century really the first people to travel into space?  Since practitioners of magic have powers like the fabled Mystic Sphere that allow them to enter space it seems likely that ancient humans were there thousands of years ago.

Yes in fact it’s true that practitioners of magic in ancient times were able to travel into outer space.  Our very own resident witch Rebecca Abernathy traveled into space last year with the power of her Mystic Sphere.  Although she had quite a power boost from the magical heart of the Mystical Forest.  So small groups of ancient humans knew about outer space while the rest still thought the sun, moon, and stars actually existed in the physical skies of Earth.  There are portions of partially decayed ancient scrolls that tell of powerful witches, wizards, and sorcerers traveling into outer space.  Some even making it the Moon, and the other planets of the solar system.  Some even foolishly traveling to alien worlds light years away via magical teleportation, and portholes into the fifth dimension.  These magical humans tipped off extraterrestrials to our location, and caused them to travel here out of curiosity.   Some were hostile, and enslaved ancient humankind by posing as Gods.

There were also lost highly advanced ancient human civilizations such as Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis that achieved space travel.  The Lemurians made it as far as the Moon with their ancient space ships.  Mu even details what could be translated as a mission to Mars.  Their technological knowledge became lost over the ages when each of the respective civilizations collapsed.  What little knowledge was left of their secret space technology was lost to the world in the great fire at the ancient Egyptian Library of Alexandria.  Luckily members of the supernatural community have kept some of the general records alive.

If we want to be precise when asking who the first space travelers were then we must concede that humans were not the first ancient astronauts.  Long before humans evolved from an ancestor common we shared with apes, another species evolved on Earth millions of years ago.  They are known to us as Dinosauroids.  An intelligent bipedal reptilian species that evolved from Dinosaurs.  Our limited knowledge of their culture comes from ancient indestructible tablets made of any unknown material which was excavated by cryto-archaeologists.   The dinosaur humanoids developed a high advanced global civilization despite the dangers of their gargantuan monstrous reptile brothers that roamed the prehistoric Earth.  Unfortunately they didn’t have the power to stop the huge asteroid that hit the Earth, and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.  Groups of Dinosauroids managed to leave the Earth, and settle on the then life filled Mars.  Although Mars was a dying planet, and they eventually left the solar system making their way to the Andromeda Galaxy which is now their home base.

Millions of years later some returned, and were worshiped as Gods by ancient humans.  A small group of the Reptilians exist on Earth today.  They are in fact criminals who fled Andromeda, and now work with global plutocratic elites to destroy humankind so they may reclaim the planet for themselves.


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2 thoughts on “Who Were The First Humans To Travel Into Outer Space?

  1. Oh my gosh. My bubble popped again! lol. Seriously though. What a scary universe we live in. Doesn’t really surprise me to much! I know of the lizards. And yes they are in with the government. The super wealthy who lead this world. I didn’t know about the travelers. And didn’t know about Atlantis going to space. Or Egyptians. Very interesting.

    • Once humanity evolved from apes they had a long time to advance. Certainly intelligent minds wouldn’t stay primitive for so long. There were advanced pre-historic civilizations with amazing technologies. Some totally of human argon, and some with the help of aliens lost to the sands of time. Our current history seems rather stagnant for centuries due to the interference of superstitious, and freedom strangling religions, and tyrannical regimes. Only when true freedom flourishes does innovation. That’s why the United States became the most successful high tech nation on Earth within a few centuries.

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