What Earthly Gods Rule Over Natural Entities And Phenomenon?

With So Many Gods & Goddesses Throughout History Representing The Sun, Moon, Oceans, Weather, Afterlife, etc. Who Is Actually The Real God Or Goddess Of These Earthly & Celestial Objects?

Earthly GodsThe power of Gods & Goddesses relies on human worship, and belief in them.  Human souls are just about the most powerful things in our Universe, and the mere belief in a God fuels their very soul.  In fact there are many cases where groups of people made up deities within their cultures that didn’t exist but the will of their belief brought the God or Goddess into existence. Generally Gods, and Goddesses are most powerful during the height of human worship for them.  Since Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism currently dominate the present that puts all these Gods at a disadvantage.  Luckily their power base can still draw upon those who believed in them in the past along with the future as well.  Although some Gods end up being extinguished from existence due to sheer disbelief in them.  They also gain power from the handful of humans who offer direct access to their souls in exchange for the power of the Gods since it’s extremely difficult for humans to access their own spirits.  This was done on purpose by the Omniverse God to explore the various life scenarios of the many parallel Universes.

So whoever has the most souls worshiping them, looking upon them favorably, or even just merely believing in them is generally the God who rules over a given entity.  In a way this makes the world of the Gods a democratic one where humans have a vote whether they know it or not.  Of course there is another factor which includes approval of fellow Gods.  There can be great in fighting among Gods who all have huge egos, and want to be the ultimate power.   In some cases a God, and Goddess may strike a union of love thereby sharing power. Those Gods who don’t win dominion over their given natural entity still retain their title of God, and Goddess of the Sun, Moon, etc. but only one, or two, are the King God, and/or Queen God.  Despite this the lower Gods of any given aspect of nature are not loyal to the King and/or Queen of the object or force of nature.  They are loyal to the higher Gods of their own factions.  These include the Greek, Roman, Celtic, Mayan, Aztec Gods, etc.  Although some Gods are simply loyal to themselves always plotting to gain more power by any means necessary.

There are also cases where a natural entity has spontaneously developed a soul, and was born a God.  One such case is our planet Earth whose complex biosphere gave birth to the Goddess Gaia.  Although some have challenged her for her Godhood of the Earth it’s extremely difficult to eject a soul from anything, and then claim it as your own.  Some Gods rely on their charisma to rally others under their rule to go up against other God factions, or even other paranormal beings.  For instance the Greek God Zeus was King of the Greek Gods but he’s now managed to become the de-facto Emperor of a large number of Earthly Gods beyond the Greek.  His charisma, ruthlessness, and power due to enough people believing in him in the past, and even the present, have allowed him to attain power.  Many Gods are concerned with the coming of Armageddon, and do not want the Demons nor the Angels to rule over what they see as their personal domain.  Despite the domination of Christ, Allah, and Brahman the large population of Earthly Gods gives them a fighting chance in the coming end times.

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21 thoughts on “What Earthly Gods Rule Over Natural Entities And Phenomenon?

  1. About deities, I made up one a long time ago that’s called (originally) Kashina but I tired down that for Björn. if he was real, then he would be the German God of destiny, the 4 seasons, food, crossroads, air, and lust. he would also have the power of Subjective Reality, the power to manipulate the border between reality & fantasy. what do you guys think? especially you Rebecca?

    • I suppose it’s possible. Anything is possible when it comes to the power of the conscious mind. If a God is already the particular Universe then possession of him would be requires to take over. Certainly this the plan of Dimitri Diablo. He wants to possess the Omniverse God thereby becoming him. If there is no conscious being inhabiting the framework of a Universe, Multiverse, or Omniverse then one must have the ability to stretch their consciousness around the framework of the Universe, and weave it throughout to be a true God. Don’t ask me how to even do that. It most likely to be done by Earthly Gods who join together as a collective consciousness rather than by one person. It’s currently thought that Archangels are the Gods of the Multiverses while Angels are the Gods of the individual Universes. However many Gods are formed from the sub-conscious collective consciousness of millions of sentient lifeforms so a God of the Universe, or even Multiverse could have formed spontaneously like our planetary Goddess Gaia, or our Galactic God Orbislacteus. In the case of the Omniverse God he has been biological, and higher dimensional beings, in a near infinite amount of parallel Universes, Multiverses, and Omniverses that collectively coalesce into an Omniverse God.

  2. I wish that the Gods would actually stop and think about their lineage’s issues. Julia or Rebecca can you sense my Grandparent God? If so is it a God or Goddess?

    • After consulting with Julia we’ve come to the conclusion that your Grandparent is an Egyptian Goddess named Heqet. She is the Goddess of life, and fertility generally represented by frogs, and depicted as one. In Ancient Egypt frogs represented the quintessence of life since millions of them were born annually along the Nile River. When the Goddess is present more frogs are seen in the general area. In the time of Egyptian dominance she would manifest physically appearing as a frog woman merely for showmanship. Although in modern times appearing like that to potential mates wouldn’t get her far. She has been known to mother a great deal of Demigods and Demigoddesses. She is also apart of the Egyptian faction who has formed an alliance with the Greek God Zeus for the coming battle of Armageddon.

  3. Everytime I try to stay away from this website but the thought of Julia & Rebecca pulls me back in. Who is my demigo or demigoddess ancestor and his he still alive? And Which side of my family is descended from Heqet?

  4. Since the three major religion today is Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, do you think Brahman and Allah exists? I ask this because this article states that through sheer belief and worship can create Earthly Gods provided that they don’t really exists. If they exists then can you mention something about them?Well Jesus Christ is given because he’s the son of our Omniverse God.

    • Yes there was a great battle fought between the older Gods The Titans, and the younger Gods, the Olympians. The Olympians won, and Zeus cast the Titans into the deepest bowels of the Underworld known as Tartarus. Although one does occasionally escape either wreaking havoc, or respectfully recognizing Zeus as their leader. If feeling merciful Zeus allows them to join the Olympains.

  5. I don’t want to get involve in this god or goddess faction or something. I rather just battle against evil and I’m independent to create my own heaven.

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