March 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “What Is A Tulpa?

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  2. So can anyone create tulpas? By the same logic reality warpers can make people and objects disappear? Where do the people and things go when they disappear? Do they just stop existing altogether?

    1. Anyone could theoretically create Tulpas with enough belief but it’s not likely due to the metaphysical energy needed. When such things disappear they are gone from existence forever. However it’s possible a Tulpa could manifest a soul or become entwined with its creator’s soul.

    1. If it’s your own creation you can make physical contact with it or step into it, and then wish it away. If it’s not your creation you may need to train in the art of Tulpamancy. However you can increase your effort though the use of crystals such as Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz. These will absorb energy, and then transfer it to you with practice.

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