Why Don’t One Of The Earthly Gods Take Over The Planet?

God ZeusWhy don’t one, or more, of the plethora of Gods, and Goddesses, including Greek, Roman, Celtic, Egyptian, etc. simply take over the planet.  Many of them have powers like that of Superman, and beyond.  Clearly Zeus or Jupiter could single handedly take control of every government via threat of supernatural force.  Or even just steadily defeat every army one by one until the Earth is conquered.  The simple reason why one God, or a group of Gods, doesn’t do this is because Armageddon would ensue.  Armageddon being the final war to determine the fate of the Earth, and what supernatural beings will ultimately be supreme over it.  It’s the same reason why some rogue Angel, or Demon doesn’t do the same.  Just one of these higher dimensional beings could take over a planet if not for all the other higher dimensional’s standing in their way.

At the least their own kind would stop them out of jealousy if nothing else.  That being said if prophesy indicates it’s destiny then it’s temporarily allowed.  That will be the case when the Anti-Christ, most likely a Demi-Demon son of the Devil, takes command of the Earth under a one world government. All the various factions of Armageddon take prophesies very seriously, and know that defiance of it can lead to bad luck in their corner.

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