Vampire Royalty Rank Titles

Royal VampireVampires are the only supernatural beings to have a global government. The Vampire Kingdom rules out of their Royal Capital in Transylvania. Every single place on Earth has an official vampire in charge of a given territory.  Yes at this moment you are living under the rule of a royal vampire without even knowing it!  Not all vampires, and other Supernaturals recognize their authority. However they have no problem enforcing their living dead laws to keep their supernatural species a secret along with marshaling their kind in preparation for Armageddon. In this great paranormal war for the final fate of Earth & Humanity they will fight under the banner of the Archdemon & Emperor Of Hell known as The Devil who they consider to be their Unholy Lord Master, and Dark God that they actually pray to. The current King Of Hell Human Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo is not recognized by the Vampires in any way, shape, or form!  On Earth it’s said that the Devil’s son, the Anti-Christ, will be their final Vampire Emperor along with his wife the Dark Empress. Until installed an unknown Demi-Demon, aka Demon-Human Hybrid, is said to be the current Emperor & Devil’s direct Emissary of evil. Upon the Anti-Christ claiming the title this Demi-Demon will then be the Vice-Emperor. Below are the royal titles bestowed upon each generation of vampire who recognizes the royal hierarchy. Generally only the first 13 Vampire Generations are considered royalty. In some cases special vampires of later generations may be recognized by the King & Queen as deserving a higher title outside their generation. Most often brave vampires can become Dark Knights.  Higher generational vampires may hold lower titles in addition to their official title.

First Generation
Those considered First Generation can have one of two origins. The first is the result of a demon completely possessing a human to the point of altering their DNA, and then mating with a human to create the pure blood First Vampires. Those upper echelon royals of direct demonic descent include King Dagan, and Queen Gula along with the various Grand Princes & Princesses. The First Generation are the only ones who can give birth like humans can.  Although they can only give birth once in their immortal lives. Those born vampires are Princes & Princesses. The only exception are the King, and Queens twin son & daughter who are titled the Crown Grand Prince & Crown Grand Princess.  Each successive generation below is the result of the generation above transforming a human into a vampire via nearly draining them of blood to the brink of death, and then introducing their paranormal vampire blood into the pre-vampires body to complete the process.

Second Generation
Grand Dukes, and Grand Duchess’s. The infamous Vampire Dracula is 2nd Generation yet holds the title of Prince since King Dagan turned him into a vampire.

Third Generation
Dukes, and Duchesses

Fourth Generation
Marquess’s, and Marchioness’s

Fifth Generation
Counts & Countesses. Theoretically if Mystic Investigations very own Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander recognized vampire authority he would be a Count. Most likely with ruling authority over his birthplace in Scotland.

Sixth Generation
Earls & Vicountesses (Purposely different from Viscountess below.)

Seventh Generation
Viscounts & Viscountesses

Eighth Generation
Baron’s, and Baronesses

Ninth Generation
Lord, and Lordess

Tenth Generation
Knights (Both Male & Female). However males can be called Sir, and females Dame.  Knight is the most common secondary title held by the other generations of vampire. Often used as enforcers against those violating vampire law. However higher generations come into play if dealing with a powerful vampire fugitive, or a large group of law breakers.

Eleventh Generation
Esquire (Both Male & Female)

Twelfth Generation
Gentleman & Lady.  Some temporarily serve as Pages, aka servants, to currying favor, and gain higher ranking. Sometimes it’s just something to show loyalty early on in their immortal lives.

Thirteenth Generation
The Thirteenth Generation holds the simple title of Vampire. All generations after this are considered too impure for royalty, and the bloodline is too diluted with humanity. In fact 13th Generation vampires are deeply discouraged from transforming humans into vampires.  Fourteenth Generation, and lower are usually Pages, or servants of the royals. That is if they’re even deemed worthy! In that respect they can attain higher titles of servitude in any given Vampire House. Those who prove themselves worthy may be able to attain a royal title after hundreds of years. Of course there’s also the humans they kidnapped, and may keep in their dungeons as a source of blood sustenance!  Unfortunately the majority of vampires are ruled by their demonic natures, and look at humans as mere cattle!  Unless of course they spot that special one they deem worthy to bring across the demarcation of death into the dark eternal shadows.  There’s also the exception of various human royals, billionaires, and upper echelon government officials who cooperate with the vampires.  Those human royals who become vampires usually gain equivalent titles in the Vampire Kingdom.

Complete Example Of Vampire Royal Hierarchy
– King Dagan, and Queen Gula Of The Vampire Kingdom
– Crown Grand Prince & Crown Grand Princess Of The Western And Eastern Hemisphere’s
– Grand Prince & Princess Of North America
– Prince & Princess Of The United States Of America
– Grand Duke Of The US West Coast
– Duke Of California
– Marquess Of Southern California
– Countess Of Los Angeles County
– Earl Of Los Angeles
– Viscount Of Westside LA
– Baroness Of Bel-Air
– Lord Of Upper Bel-Air
– Knights Of Bel-Air (Under direct authority of Baron but take orders from Lord as well)
– Esquires (Knight Apprentices or those in professional trades who happen to live in the Lord Of Upper Bel-Air’s domain. Their services are at the disposal of all royals.)
– Gentlemen & Ladies are expected to show up at social engagements when invited, or to supplement any missions, or battles on behalf of all royals above.  They may also assist Esquires if they are training in a particular professional trade.
– 13th Generation Vampires who pledge loyalty to a particular royal are expected to always follow orders, and go where they are told.  Whether to assist royals, or infiltrate corporations and human governments in key positions.

Interesting to note that all Princes, and Princesses are expected to enter into unholy matrimony. Most other royals choose not to get married as vampires naturally want to be free in their dark immortal trek into eternity!

All this being said a great many vampires simply choose to never enter royal circles, and remain free agents. After all they’re immortals with super powers so why be shackled?  If brought across by a royal they must be deeply respectful in their wish to remain free, and must still pledge loyalty to the royals.  They are also expected to do occasional favors for royals if they are in the position to do so.  Those who have accepted full titles can never leave under any circumstance. Their pledge of loyal service is eternal! All who incur the wrath of any royal faces execution from said royals, or their Knights!

Additional Note: Woodland Springs, Colorado…home of Mystic Investigations Headquarters & Employees….is supposedly under the rule of the Vampire Countess of Comanche County named Saphiranza.  However we’ve never seen her nor had anyone enforcing her rule thus far.  Certainly our vampire Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander would have been contacted by now.  Although he’s made it clear to the world he doesn’t recognize the royals, and has said Woodland Springs is “his town”!

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