What Causes Eye Glowing In Supernatural Beings?

Mermaid Eye

The Green Glow Of Marvelous Magics!

A great many paranormal creatures seem to display the blatantly identifiable characteristic of brilliantly illuminated eyes.  Radiance well beyond that of natural nocturnal animals such as those of the feline variety.  In that case what we’re seeing is the reflection of minimal environmental light rather than the eyes actually creating visible photons on it’s own.  Such nocturnal eye luminescence is caused by the tapetum lucidum which is a reflective layer on the back of the eyeball meant to bolster available dim lighting to increase night vision.  Some supernatural entities have a similar reflective element to aid in their super sight, and it may account for a duller glow only visible in darkness. However the manifestation of vivid eerie ocular illumination visible even in daylight is clearly a paranormal production.


Orange Illumination Common In Human Form Werewolves.

The shining eyes of the supernatural is Mother Nature’s way of sending forth a warning, and it has it’s ultimate source in the metaphysical energy realm.  Virtually every supernatural being with glowing eyes has lineage derived from a higher dimensional source.  This includes Angels, Demons, Jinn, and even the Heavenly souls of higher dimensional afterlife Humans. Souls that eventually ascend to Godhood status which in turn manifests as psychokinetic powers present in a latent form within everyone’s junk DNA.  There’s also the practicing of magic which can produce eye effulgence. The eyes have always been considered the window to the soul since ancient times.  This has included both insight into ones consciousness within their physical mind, and their ultimate true nature within the higher dimensional metaphysical mind.  After all the eyes translate the ultimate source of information in our reality, and the source of the electromagnetic force known as light, or more precisely photons.  It’s thought the Universe itself is more or less a hologram of energized information.  Certainly metaphysical manifestations into our reality cause the creation of photons.  Our very souls are made of metaphysical light energy that is the pure consciousness information programming our biological bodies in this reality.

Angry Crimson Eyed Vampire

Deeply Angry Vampire Crimson Visual Flare

Paranormal beings have glowing eyes because of the higher dimensional metaphysical energy surging through them.  Often defying the laws of nature, and even physics.  Certainly it makes no biological sense that a vampire could be dead yet have animated sapience along with displaying the characteristics of cellular regeneration. It’s the demonic dark energies sustaining them via the vampire virus that lusts for sanguine energy imbued in live blood.  The massive metaphysical energies that circulate through supernatural beings create light that naturally will be displayed in the organ that receives photon light information.  The enchanted eyes can indeed transmit photon energy as well.  All beings making eye contact are separately communicating with each others minds outside of conversation, or shared activity.  The infamous vampire compelling hypnosis relies heavily on deep gazing into the darkest depths of ones mind.  In part the eyes are delivering a metaphysical message to the brain to comply with their commands.

Violet Ocular Magic

Violet Gypsy Magic Animal Bond Ocular Gleam

In general ocular luminosity may occur at will in various supernatural beings but it also prominently occurs during various intense emotional states almost like a 1970’s mood ring.  Anger is the most common trigger, and crimson is the color usually displayed in the eye glimmering for that emotion. Although metaphysical illumination can fall into every range of color even outside ones natural eye tint.  Many times the creatures natural eye color simply glows brightly in that hue.  Some beings may have constant ocular shimmering due to an overload of power within them while others might be devoid of all light displaying completely coal black eyes. Usually seen in a deeply demon possessed human, or other deeply dark denizen.  This signifies a pure metaphysical energy vacuum sucking in all supernatural energies. If you see an entities eyes turn completely dark, including the whites, then you’re most likely already dead.  Running at that point would be futile! Although I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Emerald Eyed Witch

Good Witches Often Display Emerald Eye Illumination.

Humans can display brilliant ocular illumination when practicing powerful magics, manifesting their psychokinetic psi powers, and sometimes when being possessed by various higher dimensional beings.  One of the most dangerous eye glows in a human can be from someone who has temporarily borrowed magic, and is seriously supernaturally straining every cell in their body.  In standard humans such a shimmering show often means they have far exceeded their bodies capacity to handle a metaphysical energy current.  It could only be a matter of time before the metaphorical light bulb that is their body bursts! This is especially true for new super power players, witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers apprentices along with those under unwilling possession.  The level of ocular radiance is a standard gauge for those just getting started with their super powers, or practicing magic.  They know that the metaphysical energy will slowly condition their bodies to handle their powers to an extent so they can do more without burning out both mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Even normal humans need to sleep, and disconnect from their physical bodies to dream in the Astral Plane for the purpose of preventing metaphysical soul energy from wearing out the biological body.

Metaphysical Meaning Of Enchanting Eye Illumination
Outside of ones natural eye color the general colors of glowing may mean the following (not a complete list by no means):

  • Red – Anger. Usually an extremely dangerous entity.  Many times Demonic based.  Natural eye glow for Alpha Werewolves.
  • Orange – Extremely varied.  Usually signifies fire. Pyrokinesis. Archdemons. Dragons. Most common color in Werewolves in human form when accessing enhanced abilities, or just before, or after transformations.  Also natural color in Omega Werewolves.
  • Yellow – A very agitated state.  In some cases a healing energy.  Sun Gods.  Natural color for Beta Werewolves.
  • Green – Magic in use.  Especially when calling upon nature deities, and Mother Earth.  Good luck such as in Leprechauns.
  • Blue – Hydrokinetic Powers.  Magics calling upon water based nature deities.  Mermaids.  Extremely peaceful state in some beings.
  • Purple – Gypsy magic. Animal based magic. Unholy fire in vampires about to burst into flames, or dark priests calling upon unholy energies.  Alexandria’s Genesis.
  • Rainbow – Beings with rainbow creation powers.
  • White – Full light spectrum emitted forth in mixed form.  Tends to be a healing energy.  Often Angels, or other innocent holy entities. Maximum state of peace in some beings. Unicorns
  • Grey – Some Immortals display this eye glow.
  • Black – Metaphysical energy vacuum.  No light energy emitted forth. Usually Demon related.
  • Brown – Powers of disease, and toxicity.  Plague Doctor thought to have glowing brown eyes under his mask.

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