How Old Is Santa Claus?

Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, was born in 270 AD, and died on December 6, 343 AD at age 73.  Santa was thankfully resurrected on December 25th, 343 AD.  See Santa Claus’s current age as of this year at:

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9 thoughts on “How Old Is Santa Claus?

  1. Last night I had a nightmare about the Anti-Claus. Was as if he knew me. He was terrorizing me. Ugly cuss of a devil. He didn’t look human. More Daemonic in nature! Maybe that’s who has been attacking me before I goto bed. He called me Claus I said what? I’m not Claus…. Then others stated some confusing things to me. Saying I’m good he’s evil. I’m like yeah I know. Was very odd. I don’t know if my imagination has run away or if there’s any truth to it. I had the feeling everything is going to hell. And I am standing in their way! And they don’t like it! The evil Claus said you will join me brother. I laughed said brother hahaha’… Wow. I’m far from your brother. Unless I’ve been a man before.

    Doesn’t surprise me. I told him I’ll never join him. Then he said you will die. I laughed again. Said ” Death is but another doorway that will lead my foot right up your arsh”… He looked like he wanted to rip me apart. I woke up with a bad headache’.. Went for the coffee machine. Not sure what is going on. I’ve been so tired all week. And hearing about Dimitri.. is he in with the evil Claus? If so.. Am I really in trouble here? I guess I’ll find out!

    • The Anti-Claus likes his booze, and he was probably drunk before he fell asleep, and stumbled into the dream plane in a stupor thinking you were Santa Claus. It’s sad that he was born of Angel heritage like Santa but Demonic forces tricked Santa’s mother into giving him away at birth to be raised by some real sick puppies. Eventually his Angelic DNA decayed into a demonic form.

      I don’t think you’re in trouble because the Anti-Claus will forget about you once he sobers up, and re-focuses his jealous rage on his brother who is beloved by the world.

      Thankfully we’re dealing with some major megalomaniacs with heavy delusions of grandeur. The Anti-Claus, and Dimitri Diablo have never joined forces. Each has their own agenda for global domination in which they are the Emperor of Earth. They encompass some of the major forces of evil that fight to be the premier evil on Earth. Of course at this time the Illuminati are at the top thanks to support from the Devil, and his demonic minions. Vampire royalty used to be another faction but since they take their orders from the Devil they eventually had to throw in with them. The royal Lycan faction of evil is another group looking to ascend to the throne of ruling evil. And every so often you get random dark power players who want to make it big on the dark side.

  2. I’m beginning to think someone’s just trying to get a rise out of me. (Ghosts? maybe?). Or my mind is just too vivid in dream scope. I don’t want to believe what I saw or herd.

    • After the blizzard that caused the car accident that turned me into quadruple amputee, and killed my parents it was a dark Christmas. A Christmas spent in a hospital bed but on Christmas Eve I had the most amazing vivid dream ever of having super abilities while at the happiest place on Earth. It was Santa Claus’s North Pole Village, and my parents were alive there with Santa, his elves, the enchanted reindeer, and the Mystic Investigations team even before I met them. In the haze of post-dream consciousness I could have sworn I saw Santa Claus at the foot of my hospital bed disappear in streams of gold, red, and green glitter. As I fully awoke a gift was on my chest. Naturally I buzzed for the nurse, actually my Grandma who works there, to open the gift since I had no hands, and arms. She had no idea where it came from but it was a most unusual glowing snow globe depicting North Pole Village, and it’s inhabitants. The light given off by it was supernaturally soothing, and radiated happiness into my deeply depressed mind. Later it was confirmed to be holy light because Drake, our vampire associate, starts to smoke a bit if he gets near it. I’ve also repelled some paranormal beings with it. Although it’s too big to carry with me for such purposes.

      I guess technically that was my first brush with the supernatural since Santa himself confirmed it was he who left the gift when the Mystic Investigations team was first invited to the North Pole as a reward for our fine work in battling the forces of evil. He had foresaw that I might not get through those darkest of hours in my life, and he wanted to lift my spirits. Not soon after the mad scientist who gave me my bionic limbs took me from the hospital, and the rest is history. Each Christmas after that I got a gift from Santa at my house. My Grandma has no clue about the world of the supernatural, and I tell her it’s from my friends at Mystic where she thinks I work on their computers. She has no idea about my bionic powers. Julia had told me that my Grandma would literally go mental if she found about the world of the paranormal.

      The last two years Santa gave me my gifts in person when we visited his North Pole Village. Obviously my dream came true except for having my parents there. Although Time Traveler Michael Remington took me back in time to see my parents again but technically they were my parents in a near identical parallel Universe since almost all time travel results in 5-D parallel travel as well. I stopped the accident in that Universe, and I grow up as a normal kid there. I’d rather have my parents back then have bionic powers. Santa Claus has said that in his capacity as a Demi-Angel he may be able to arrange a temporary reunion between my parents, and I but it will take great power on his part. He has hinted that 2013 might be the year I get the best Christmas present of all if I work really hard at taking down the forces of supernatural evil! That’s why I really want to be part of the ultimate take down of the Devil when he materializes on Halloween to father the Anti-Christ. Surely that will earn me a visit with my parents?

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