Do The Gods Approve Of Humans Prematurely Playing God?

We are speaking of the wealthy plutocratic elites known as the Illuminati, or New World Order who rule over the planet through their mega multinational corporations, banks, and secret organizations who in turn have shadow governmental powers in the various nations of the Earth for their own nefarious purposes.

Playing GodMost indications point to the fact that the Gods, from Earthly to Macroversal (the one original God), do not approve of biological beings playing God.  This includes extraterrestrials acting as false Gods as well.  It might be a different story if these people were trying to create a Utopian paradise instead of a dystopian hell.  Certainly only worthy individuals who are good can ascend to Godhood after death. The megalomaniacs with delusions of grandeur, too much time, and too much money have nothing better to do but play God here while they can.  This despicable behavior by the plutocratic elite sparks wars, famines, poverty, depressions, and the halting of human progress by undesirable climates of creative suppression, and blatant technological suppression to protect profits.  This has been barely tolerated by most of the Gods thus far because it’s simply a scenario that must play out in the many parallel Universes.  A test to see if humankind can overcome such a massive tyranny, and rise above into an era of unprecedented enlightenment.  If not then a powerful God may intervene for our best interests, or even merely to show the Illuminati who the real God is.

Evidence gathered within the paranormal community indicates that the Earthly Gods loath the New World Order, and would strike them down in an instant if they could.  However the Illuminati has teamed up with the Demonic forces of evil who have adequate power to protect the elites from the Earthly Gods whether they be Pagan, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc.  The Gods feel they should be the ones worshiped rather than the human royals, billionaires, politicians, and celebrity propaganda artists.  The Earthly Gods have recently begun forming a coalition with the newly emerged Anti-Illuminati in an effort to at least bring balance to the planet.

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17 thoughts on “Do The Gods Approve Of Humans Prematurely Playing God?

  1. Xavier thank you for bringing me from the sea of lies to the shore of truth. I’ve really opened my eyes to the light and I was stuck in the dark for so long. And tell your members that I’m really happy to ALMOST know all of you. Thank you

  2. Is it possible for fate to bring a test to see if you’re worthy of becoming a God? I think that I’m going through one of these tests right now.

    • In general this is the order from strongest to weakest.

      1.) Angels
      2.) Jinn
      3.) Demons, and Earthly Gods are often evenly matched. Especially considering a number of Demons have posed as Gods. For this listing however I’m only considering Gods who formed spontaneously through the collective consciousness of physical beings. Clearly extraterrestrial posing as God would be the weakest while Angels acting as Gods would be the strongest. Some Demons like the Devil are more powerful than Gods, and Jinn.

  3. You mean I’m going to be a weak ascended God while the rest of humanity becomes powerful angels after death while people who possess immense power (Lily for example) ascends to a higher plane of reality?!

    • I’m not sure you can complain about living a life that most cannot even dream of. And you’re talking about the human afterlife while you would technically still be alive. Whose to say that the Gods don’t someday leave the Omniverse, and form their own Omniverse via author authority on the clean slate of the Macroverse. Then you would be powerful like an Angel, and be able to ascend to be your own Omniverse God. That is why the Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo, now King Of Hell Diablo, has tried to leave the Omniverse. Once outside you can re-write your powers, and very destiny as well. While here you are somewhat bound by the Omniverse Gods author authority. We have free will but it’s within the limits of this reality unless we can break free.

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