The Vampire-Werewolf-Zombie Hybrid!

What’s A WereZombpire?
There are rare Vampire-Werewolf Hybrids and even extremely temporary Werewolf-Zombie Hybrids that can only occur under immensely unusual circumstances. For the most part the respective paranormal viruses that cause the conditions of vampirism, lycanthropy, and zombification are wildly incompatible. There’s also the fact that the Vampire Virus can easily eradicate the Werewolf and Zombie Virus. Still could there be a one in a trillion event of enchantment that could produce a trifecta hybrid of the unholy trinity of the supernatural world? The fabled Vampire-Werewolf-Zombie Hybrid officially dubbed the WereZombpire!

One of our paranormal researchers happened upon a supernatural cold case file from the late 1970’s. A wicked witch from Nebraska named Sally Bing had just demonically sacrificed what she thought was a virginal woman but instead she was a newly turned vampire. Naturally as apart of the sacrifice she drank the vampires blood. The sacrifice took place at The Devil’s Hour of All Hallows Eves in a isolated rural cemetery for the purposes of raising the dead to Zombiehood. The bad witch Bing had major delusions of grandeur that nefarious night! Indeed zombies burst blasphemously through the sinister soils around her. She underestimated the intensity of her sacrificial spell and one of the Walking Dead caught her by surprise biting her on the ankle. She shot forth a burst of metaphysical energy demolishing it into damnation dust!

As she gained control of her personal zombie horde she wasn’t thinking about the fact that it happened to be a full Moon Halloween night. Of course as luck would have it a Werewolf zoomed in out nowhere and chewed off a good sized chunk out of her neck! She fell to the ground instantly dead as the zombie horde overwhelmed the furry menace. Within Sally’s body were the three supernatural viruses of the vampire, werewolf, and zombie. Now dead with nearly all her blood drained the vampire should have won. However her body was deeply infused with dark magics that supported all three viruses efforts to survive. They integrated into one symbiotic organism. Sally was now the worlds first WereZombpire! Unfortunately, for her this transformation came at the cost of her ability to practice witchcraft.

She called upon her dark sisters of magic to figure out what she was but no cure was had. Eventually they shunned her and she killed them with extreme prejudice! Fortunately for her she was immune to magical attacks! The WereZombpire Bing had an insatiable appetite for eating entire humans whole like that of a Demi-Demon. She devoured bones and all! Brains for the zombie, blood for the vampire, the rest of the flesh for the Werewolf, and possibly the bones for the demonic energies infused within. She had the ability to be all three at once and transform into either one individually at will free of any factors like the full moon. All along she kept her sapient wits about her with a strong lust for death and destruction woven within.

The Vampire Dracula vs The WereZombpire!
She caused havoc across North America and was number one on the Paranormal Most Wanted List for years. All manner of brave paranormal professionals and practitioners of magic were no match for her! She mercilessly murdered all things animal, human and supernatural in her sight! The infamous magically inclined Vampire Dracula became intrigued by tales told of her and he flew in from Transylvania to meet this malevolent kindred spirit. He found her in Toronto Canada eating an alley full of homeless people! Dracula literally applauded her and offered a mutually beneficial union. It looked like all was going well as she appeared to be attracted to him and warmly embraced the dark second generation vampire.

Suddenly the normally calm Dracula screamed out in agony as she bit out a gargantuan chunk from his neck! Sally bellowed,”Screw you Dracula! I work for no man!”  He immediately turned himself in a dozen bats but she ate a good number of them at lightening speed causing him to reform as a person lying weak on the ground. He glared up at her while his eyes glowing red with anger and he exclaimed,”You have no idea who you’re dealing with my dear! My dark masters won’t stand for this insolence you pathetic monster!” She looked down on him snickering as her eyes glowed in a array of rotating rainbow colors, and declared,”Now you will die oh legendary monster of history! Your time is past old man!”

Sally pounced on him but Dracula pushed her into a brick wall with his last ounce of strength. She quickly regained her composure among fallen bricks and dust. Before Dracula could speed away she pinned him down ready to eat him whole as she took a Werewolf form. At that moment something grabbed her by the neck and forcibly held her up against the brick wall. This something forced her to return to a more humanoid appearance.

The Devil Protects His Loyal Minions!
Before her stood something that finally terrified her. A nine foot tall crimson colored demon with huge horns as a panorama of fire and brimstone appeared everywhere! Screams of agony and visions of horror floated about in a sinister manner. It was the Devil himself in a deeply dense metaphysical energy form! The Devil only risks a visible Earthly presence when one of very important evil assets are in grave danger! The risk is Angels and even Jinn capturing him!

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Dracula arose to his knees as he praised his dark Lord. While holding Sally’s neck firmly he petted Dracula long flowing black mane and gently said,”I heal you my beautiful son of the dark shadows” Dracula’s powers were restored as he profusely thanked him. The Devil then ordered him to leave as he dealt with Sally alone.

The Devil then said,”Oh Miss Bing your exploits have amused me for quite some time but you’ve begun stepping on too many of my fiery toes. You’re starting to jeopardizing my plans for Armageddon. You were once a loyal child of Hell as a wicked witch but this sorry state you’re in has made you a mindless minion of nothingness! I damn you to Hell where you will be my pet for eternity!” They both disappeared in a flash of bright orange fire ridden smoke with a scream of terror shooting throughout the city shattering nearby windows!  Legend has it that the Devil lets Sally loose briefly on Earth during the Devils Hour on Halloween! Those unlucky enough to be in her path will die in such terror that they will immediately become ghosts! As the WereZombpire appears every Halloween at some random location it is still an open supernatural case that will not be closed until Sally Bing is eradicated or in the custody of paranormal professionals!

What Is The Scientific Name For Zombies?

Cryptozooglogists, Necrologists, and Zombologists classify Zombies as Homo Necrosis Zombifis under the supernatural sciences.  The complete paranormal classification is below:

Kingdom: Cryptida (Supernatural Cryptids)
Phylum: Immortalis (Immortals)
Class: SupraNecrosis (Living Dead Beings)
Order: Magica (A Product Of Magic)
Family: Anthropophagis Sanguinus (Survives Off Human Flesh And Blood)
Genus: Homo Necrosis (The Melding Of Human And Zombie)
Species: Homo Necrosis Zombifis (Scientific Name For Zombies)

Cryptida is the seventh Kingdom that mainstream science refuses to acknowledge.

Despite Zombies being technically Immortal they also are in a state of rotting necrosis which means they will be non-animated in less than a decade depending on the circumstances of the environment they menace.  However magical intervention could theoretically extend their destructive lives indefinitely.  The original supernatural zombie virus is a product of a magical accident.  In addition to Practitioners Of Magic raising corpses from the dead, the zombies themselves can pass on the virus to make new zombies.

See also the scientific name for Vampires.

What Are Supernatural Mummies?

A Mummy is a deceased person whose body is preserved through the Mummification process. A burial ritual performed around the world in various ancient cultures such as the Egyptians. It was often thought of as an important event to be mummified, and kept intact for a prosperous afterlife. Thankfully most mummies are just preserved humans in bandages that pose no paranormal threat. However there are mummies of a supernatural sort that choose our physical world as their afterlife. An unholy resurrection into a life of immortal powers through the dark miracle of ancient magical curses. This mystical regeneration is fueled by the horrifying cannibalistic consumption of live humans! Ultimately these are ritual sacrifices to dark Gods who look favorably upon those who still revere them as deities to be respectfully worshipped. Both Mummy, and God partaking of the enchanted essence of the innocent human’s soul!

The metaphysical mummy came into existence after the first Zombies were examined by ancient Egyptians. From this the mummy’s curse was created. A supernatural safety measure to insure the sacred bodies, and burial vaults would not be disturbed. Such desecrations were thought to impact the afterlife negatively. Powerful Priests, magicians, and alchemists devised the enchanted embalming method that tapped into the zombie virus while intertwined with a carefully crafted curse. When the mummy was disturbed the curse would channel the metaphysical energies of the ones who discovered it. This would resurrect the sinister spirit from the afterlife who would then haunt, and even attempt to posses victims. All the while sucking them dry of enchanted energy. However the mummy’s ghost would not have the power to permanently possess another human’s body as it wore the vessel out.

At some point it must coalesce into its corpse, or return to the afterlife. Their afterlife being the Underworld rather than Heaven or even Hell. Part of the curse was sending their spirit to the Underworld to dwell among the dark Gods, and Goddesses. In some cases the spirit feels its avenged the desecration of their body, and grave. Then they simply return to the Underworld. You might ask if this resurrection power existed with ancient Egyptian Priests then why not prevent death to begin with? Living out one’s natural life, and ascending to the afterlife was the ideal of existence. The resurrection was only meant to punish wrong doers. However some mummies see how amazing the world has become, and want to stay. Perhaps they even tire of the Underworld after thousands of years! Either way the curse must be specific with purpose, and not just a methods to keep people living forever. Otherwise they tend not to work. Especially with these powerful types intertwined at the will of Gods. In fact the blessing of the patron God is required to continue living here. Plausibly the mummy is fulfilling an Earthly mission for them.

Once within its decrepit bandaged body the mummy would have very little time to begin consuming live humans. The people it had killed as a dark spirit are devoid of the necessary paranormal power so it needed to seek out other victims. Interestingly enough there is very little coherent consciousness in the early stages of mummy resurrection. The staggering walking dead corpse operates on zombie like instinct to seek out human, and animal flesh to a lesser degree. With each meal they regain their intelligence. The dark patron God of the mummy’s curse aids in the channeling of the humans astral energy into the mummy. This causes some level of regeneration. It is said that sacred numbers play a role. The mummy must consume 21 people to completely regenerate as an immortal human of exquisite beauty. This complete with enhanced physical abilities, senses, and some degree of psychic abilities including hypnosis. They also have various magical protections derived from the original mummy curse.

Seven and three are the sacred multiplied numbers to get Twenty One. The mummy must eat 7 men, 7 women, and 7 virgins of any sex. All preferably youthful yet over 21 years of age. Any consumed kill that deviates from this, including animals, is merely a temporary measure to hold off necrosis. Even after they regenerate they must continue to consume one virginal human every 7 years to remain youthful, and powerful for all eternity. Mature virgins always seem to be key in various rituals, and spells because they possess a unique energy that has the wisdom of adulthood intertwined with the innocence of childhood to an extent They also have maximum metaphysical energies due to a partner not sapping them away during sex. The virginal feast must be done in a special ritual sacrifice with the aid of a dark priest. Failure to continue the wretched ritual involves their bodies decaying like that of a zombie. Even their minds will start to go as well.

Mummies are extremely hard to kill due to the dark magic protecting them. However the simplest way to kill them is to trick them into eating zombie meat. Even a little will cause them to burst into shimmering sands permanently breaking the curse, and insuring they can never return. The same thing can be accomplished through careful examination of the mummy curse, and having magical practitioners come up with a viable counter curse. You can also try to get the mummy to eat a human corpse that has been dead for at least 24 hours. However this will only cause a slow decay as they scramble to find a virgin to consume within the next 24 hours! If they don’t then they will be exterminated! Fallen magical mummy sand or ashes is a key ingredient in various foolish resurrection spells. Some even think it holds the key for the curing the zombie virus!  If you feel you’re being stalked by a mummy then contact your nearest Egyptologist, witch, or paranormal professionals!

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