What Is The Underworld?

The Underworld Of HellThe Underworld is considered an actual physical extension of the metaphysical higher dimensional Hell. The horrifying home of demons. If one were to venture deep enough into the brimstone bowels of the Underworld they’d eventually transmute into a metaphysical form. It’s one of the few ways to directly enter a higher dimension. The Underworld is a sinister series of caverns that literally wind down from the Earth’s surface into the molten core of the planet. This is the point the gradual metaphysical energy transformation is finalized. It’s known as Tartarus. The place physical, and metaphysical flames of damnation meet to create exquisite unimaginable torment! It is considered the central gateway to Hell itself! 

The nature of the rock that composes the caverns is of a metaphysical matter form. This, and the sheer insane depth make the Underworld undetectable by humankind’s technology thus far. There are a number of hidden cave entrances around the world that can only be found by following the clues in various ancient texts. It’s easy enough to get in but escaping is far more difficult! More often it’s spirits that break free rather than monstrous physical entities!

The physical structure of the Underworld first came into existence 252 million years ago. It’s a material manifestation of the angst ridden bowels of Goddess Gaia Mother Nature. Something that occurred when her spontaneous birth as Earth’s soul caused a mass extinction! However she quickly corrected Gods evolution program in her own unique way. Some millions of years later the Devil, and his demons came to Earth amid the age of dinosaurs. They began tinkering with the evolution process adding paranormal elements that included the birth of purely physical low level demons. They even created their own race of reptilian humanoids. The infamous meteor hit that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago was a first volley in a fight to drive the demons, and their creations underground into the Underworld. An act to make way for the creation of humanity. The Devil, and his original fallen Angels, went back to their first stop on the fall from Heaven. That being their five to six dimensional spiritual Hell. They then created the direct connection with the Underworld. The rest of the demonic creatures began carving out a life in the Underworld. However some would escape every so often.

With each passing epoch of pre-history more nature Gods, and Goddesses came into existence. Some falling toward the force of darkness that drew them to the Underworld. They generally stuck to the upper levels of the caverns, and were only partially welcomed by the low level demons that resided much deeper. As human civilization took shape a major explosion of deities came into existence via the power of the human collective consciousness. A greater number of dark Underworld Gods, and Goddesses flocked forth from cultures around the world. Quite a few claiming human souls as their own before that of Heaven. In essence a hijacking of the natural afterlife process. Eventually the Demons, and Earthly Gods went to war over control of the Underworld. It seemed the demons were to win until the Archangels of Heaven agreed to lend a one time hand in exchange for allowing the majority of human souls to pass into the Heavenly afterlife.

Even after the dark Gods had command of most of the Underworld, the various factions fought among themselves. Eventually they carved up sections for each other, and respected the boundaries via supernatural treaties. This included Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Chinese, and a plethora of other deities worshiped by their respective cultures. In most cases they welcomed the terrifying creatures that lie within including Dragons. Even various demons were allowed to work among the Gods. Particularly if they shared similar dark goals.

Currently the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus, under Zeus ,are the strongest faction of Gods. They are partnered with a number of other Godly factions around the world in preparation for the War Of Armageddon. Zeus has been the most charismatic, and prolific God in marshalling paranormal power despite the deeply dwindled worship among humans. His Dark God Hades is the current King Of The Underworld with Persephone acting as the Dark Queen. The Egyptian God Osiris is the Dark Prince Of The Underworld. The Norse Goddess Hel, Daughter of the notorious God Loki, is the Dark Princess Of The Underworld. These positions are based on how much power each deity wields rather than any type of voting process. In order to prevent further conflicts with the Demons Of Hell, the Devil holds the title Emperor Of The Underworld just as he is the Emperor of Hell. Although he rarely exercises that title, and simply only asks that the Underworld allow free unimpeded access to demons. He realizes that keeping the peace is necessary so he can direct his dark forces on ventures that will lead him to victory in the upcoming battles of Armageddon.

Virtually every planet that had, has, or will have intelligent life contains its own version of the Underworld. After All the Devil, and his demons are higher dimensional beings that can be on multiple worlds, and Universes at the same time. Some connect to the metaphysical Hell while others may not. Particularly on worlds where the forces of good have completely dominated things!

Interesting Note: The Hollow Earth Theory has its true origins in the Underworld.

What If A Couple Of Angels Mated?

What If Demons Mated With Each Other?
AngelsProcreation among Angels is strictly forbidden by the Omniverse Lord himself. However when taking biological form Angels have mated with humans to create holy Heaven sanctioned Demi-Angels, and unsanctioned Nephilim. Even a rare, and beyond forbidden mating with a Demon to create an Angel-Demon Hybrid! There are also sparse reports of Angels mating with various other supernatural beings against the orders of the Heavenly Archangel Hierarchy. This includes the existence of a supposedly blasphemous Jinn-Angel Hybrid! Despite the good intentions of the resulting hybrids, Heaven is very particular about their bloodlines, and who possesses the power of Angels.

That being said what would happen if two biological form Angels attempted to procreate. Something considered beyond unholy as it takes two holy entities, and reduces them to carnal animals. Angels see each other as brothers, and sisters who are the direct descendants of God. They simply wouldn’t feel lust for another even in a desirable human shell. If they fall in love with a human it’s the soul they fall in love with. Actual physical lust isn’t in their nature. Afterall they were born before anything biological nor physical ever existed in the Omniverse. As far as we know such a mating between Angels has never occurred in the history of this particular Universe.

On the other hand Demons, Fallen Angels, have passed from holy grace, and their mind is polluted with all manner of unholy thoughts. Full biological form Demonic manifestation is actively thwarted by Angels. Still we have a fair amount of Demi-Demons in existence due to a demon mating with a human. In the distant past we know there was procreation between physical form Demons. This resulted in a rare Archdemon birth. Most Archdemons are former Archangels. That includes the infamous Devil, aka Lucifer. We have no record of two Archdemons mating because one of the Devil’s first edicts in the creation of Hell was no Archdemonic matings. Theoretically it would create a new type of entity more powerful than the Devil himself. A Super Archdemon! We know several thousands of years ago he had some crazy scheme to mate with another Archdemon himself. Then he would transfer his consciousness to the new being to thereby be even stronger. Fortunately for the Universe the new entity exploded when he attempted to possess its body! Also thankfully he did this on a planet in a Galaxy far far away. It seems the entire Galaxy blew straight to Hell!

Most often demon’s mate with humans, or other creatures, via possession of a human, or Angelicother biological being. This is what gave us the first Vampires. Angels have been known to possess humans but there is no record of an Angel Vampire type of creature. From our research there is some evidence to indicate that a mating between two Angels would probably result in the birth of an Archangel. However said Archangel could possibly be unstable as it was created by unholy means out of the hands of the Omniverse God. It could theoretically set off another Big Bang that would destroy our entire Universe, and maybe even the Multiverse, and all parallel Universes within! If two Archangels mated it could very well be possible to create another Omniverse God. This God would possibly possess our current God, or cause the destruction of the entire Omniverse, and all Multiverses within! Such a catastrophic event could have repercussions for nearby Omniverses, and could release the dreaded Darkness. The quintessence of Evil in our reality that is currently locked away safely in God’s mind!

So in the end such paranormal procreations aren’t strictly about pure bloodlines, and control of Heavenly powers. It’s about protecting the very fabric of our reality from self-destructing into horrifying oblivion!

Is There Anyone More Evil Than The Devil?

Who Is The True Master Of Evil In The Universe?
The DarknessTheoretically someone whose been 100% evil from day one would be more malevolent than the Devil.  That being because the Devil started out as an Archangel of light, and goodness who only gradually degraded into the premier force of demonic evil in our reality!  However we have now confirmed there is a true being of 100% darkness that is the progenitor of evil not only in this Universe, and Multiverse but also the entire Omniverse!  Our Omniverse, a vast collection of parallel Universes, and Multiverses, is in fact a sapient God of at least 10 dimensions.  He, or she is thought to be one of infinite Omniverse Gods in the greater Macroverse. The emotions, and thoughts of such a complex consciousness often manifests sentient beings spontaneously.  This is similar to the human collective consciousnesses manifesting Tulpa’s, and some of the Earthly Gods(Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc.) .  These unintended Omniverse God creations are called Omniverse Personifiers.  The most famous of these being the Biblical Four Horsemen.

When the Omniverse God came into existence the first two spontaneous sentient Physical Form Darknesssupernatural surprises were a personification of Good, and Evil.  The Light, and The Darkness. They immediately fought to possess the Omniverse God, and be the dominant force in our reality.  As God had no psychologist to aid him in his multiple personality disorder he battled to integrate them back into his consciousness, and keep their sapient minds in his sub-consciousness.  The Light complied but The Darkness was beyond stubborn, and malicious!  God was able to finally wrestle The Darkness into a prepared prison in his sub-conscious mind.  Ever since then The Darkness has been clamoring to escape it’s cage to release exponential calamity.  Unfortunately God was unable to simply blink the blasphemous being from existence without damaging his own mind, and losing the necessary balance between good, and evil.

The Darkness can be thought of as the ultimate God of Evil. He or She makes the Devil look like a complete sissy both in dark intensity, and sheer
supernatural power.  It’s been said the Devil once entered God’s sub-conscious to visit the ground zero of wickedness.  His brief meeting of malevolence with The Darkness ended quickly with eye witness Angels reporting the Devil being visibly shaken, and weakened to his core.  The Angels moved in to capture the Devil as he had a Heavenly bounty on his head but Arch-Demon protectors sacrificed themselves so their dark master could make his escape back to Hell! If The Darkness ever escaped, or God forbid possessed the mind of the Omniverse, we would all be in a horrific Hell without end!  Believe it or not there are misguided cults in various parallel Universes looking to release The Darkness!  Pray this never happens!

On an even more frightening note it’s safe to assume the highest level God, The infinite Macroverse itself, could have a similar dark side.  Most likely the ultimate origin, and source of evil in all of existence! People like to blame the Devil, or some other low level metaphysical lackey for the darkness that weighs down our Universe.  However inevitably it had to exist in the creators of the Universes. It just didn’t materialize from nowhere!

The Real Darkness Isn’t To Be Confused With TV’s Supernatural The Darkness.