Can Slender Man Be Defeated By Magic?

Is Slenderman Immune To Magic?

Slender MagicThe infamous Slender Man is a centuries old shape shifting creature with mind control powers exiled from another dimension.  Reports throughout the paranormal historical record indicate he has more or less bested every supernatural being he has ran across.  This includes practitioners of magic.  However these witches, wizards, sorcerers, and other talented magical masters are the ones that proved Slenderman isn’t 100% invincible.

Unfortunately for most who wield magics Slenderman gives the aura of being immune to their supernatural arts.  Even when the powers of Gods, Goddesses, and Demons are called forth.  However high level magicians have witnessed successes here, and there.  Ultimately however magic is hit, and miss when it comes to Slenderman.  This is mainly due to the fact that he is from another dimension within this Universe.  So a great many things will not effect him as it would other entities of evil within our reality.  In addition he draws power from the children he kidnaps. He is infused with their energies of magical innocence which is a powerful deterrent to magical attacks.  Despite his dark nature he is able to wield this energy to his advantage.  Although he himself does not perform magic since it’s theorized magic doesn’t exist in the realm he originates from.

Despite being so unbeatable most of the time it’s been noted that large groups of witches, wizards, sorcerers, etc. will send him into retreat.  There’s also evidence that he is not immune to Hypermagic, and Omnimagic.  Extremely rare forms of magic that tap into the combined magics of our Multiverse, and Omniverse respectively.  By extension it would be guaranteed that Macromagic, or the wielding of all magics within the Macroverse(The Actual Entire Universe), would destroy him.  To date we know of nobody who has ever practiced Macromagic.

So magic may be our best option in the ultimate destruction of one of the most wanted supernatural beings on Earth.  Just make sure to join forces with your fellow magicians, or be one hell of talented individual in your chosen mystical craft.  Otherwise you won’t stand a chance against this deadly adversary!

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