Spell To Ascertain Supernatural Status

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Mirror Spell To Reflect True Nature Of Your Human Soul Or Lack Thereof
Supernatural Humanity Mirror SpellThe following spell is utilized in order to figure out if you have any manner of supernatural lineage or paranormal power.  This doesn’t include the latent untapped powers every human has within their junk DNA courtesy of being ascended Afterlife Gods in the various higher dimensions of reality. Powers generally turned to the off position, and inaccessible by the average person.  This spell will only tell you if you unknowingly have an active power you haven’t figured out how to tap into yet, or have some manner of paranormal DNA.

You will need the following materials for this spell:
– A Mirror
– A Quartz Crystal
– A Rainbow Obsidian Crystal
– 4 Candles In The Individual Colors Of Black, White, Silver, and Gold.

The spell requires a dark room as a blank mystical canvas, and tends to work better during the Midnight Witching Hour.  However do not perform during the 3 AM Devil’s Hour since there’s a chance you could attract demonic entities!  You’ll also need a free standing mirror to reflect your soul.  Preferably one that can capture the reflection of your entire body.  Sit crossed legged on the floor in front of the mirror with a black candle on your left side, and a white candle on your right. These represent good, and evil. Place a gold candle (representing the Sun) in front of you, and a silver candle (representing the Moon) in back of you.  Light the candles, and hold the Quartz Crystal,representing the pure thought foundation of our Universe, to your forehead.  Hold the Rainbow Obsidian Crystal to your heart as it represents the heart of our planet where Mother Earth’s hot lava blood emanates. The rainbow represents the truth of white light which is composed of all colors along with highlighting the fact that our entire reality, including our bodies, is made of informational light energy.  The Rainbow Obsidian connects with the Quartz since rainbows arc within it when exposed to white light. You’re looking to tap into pure Universal data, and the spirit of our planet to gain a truth about yourself through your subconscious mind conduit.  Now close your eyes, and recite the following spell:

Upon this Earth home of my birth I seek my worth,
Mystical mirror reveal my soul ever clearer,
Let my humanity shine forth free of vanity,
Allow my reflection to answer me with perfection,
I call unto the spirit of reality to proclaim my totality!

Now open your eyes, and gaze upon your reflection for at least thirty seconds. If you still see your unaltered reflection then you’re purely human. If your reflection is in any way faded, or distorted then you have some kind of active supernatural power, or lineage. The more distorted the more power you have.  If your image completely disappears from the mirror it indicates you are devoid of a human soul, or are demonic in nature!

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  2. Is peacock ore an okay substitute for rainbow obsidian or not? Should I use the clearest quartz I can find? And is there anything other than candles I can use? I don’t really feel like burning down my house.

    • Peacock Ore might possibly work if you’re talking about Chalcopyrite which enhances inner knowledge, and psychic perception. Candles have been a key mystical element of magic since the dawn of human civilization. You need a live flame. If you feel that you can’t handle a candle then I fear you should stay away from magic!

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