The Genetic Demon Easter Bunny Experiment

The sinister bunny simulated above was the product of a government genetic experiment gone wrong. A crime against Mother Nature that attempted to combine demonic DNA with that of an innocent bunny. The purpose of this experiment is not known. Perhaps simple scientific curiosity that doesn’t considered the dark consequences of said experiment. Such a creature escaping into the world could create chaos and alter natural evolution forever! Similar experiments have been perpetuated by witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers dabbling in the dark arts. A horrifying attempt to create a monstrous predator to hunt down the Easter Bunny! That sainted leader of Easter who is the world’s only known Werebunny! Thankfully, they failed in creating an Anti-Easter to counter The Spirit Of Easter!

The Escape Of An Evil Rabbit

The unholy creature escaped his government lab after literally biting the hand that created him! He ultimately escaped due to an usual sentient intelligence. Interestingly enough, the horrifying hare’s smarts came from grafting portions of a human brain on to his! As luck would have it, a performing magician deep into dark magick welcomed the rabid rabbit into his terrifying top hat.  The blasphemous bunny could easily see that their partnership was mutually beneficial. The magician could continue his demonic sacrifices without worry of cleaning up the mess. The crazy rabbit had a big appetite for human remains down to the last drop! Not a trace of evidence was left when these two set their sights on an innocent victim only looking to enjoy a magic show!

The Despicable Deception Of A Blasphemous Bunny!

Even more despicable is the bunny’s ability to shapeshift into a cute furry form. A facade of innocence used to lure in innocent men, women, and even children! This diabolical duo even had the nerve to set up Easter events, and have the batty little beast pose as the holy Easter Bunny! For several years they spread their reign of low key terror across North America. Thankfully this filthy fiend was eventually captured by the forces of good working in conjunction with the enchanted Easter Bunny himself! The demonic experimental bunny is now caged in a Cryptozoological lab in the sub-basement of Mystic Investigations! To date we have been unable to return the furry fright to normal adorable bunny form! Get your own animated demon bunny prop, and put on the scariest magic show ever!

Free Easter Countdown Clock

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The Blacklist Red Reddington Takes Out The Easter Bunny

Clearly Red Reddington Of The Blacklist has become a high level Sorcerer if he’s able to take out the Easter Bunny with extreme prejudice! The Easter Bunny is actually a cursed Werehare damned to an immortal existence as a bunny whether in the form seen in this video, or morphing into a large humanoid rabbit.  Presumably Reddington employed a dark magic dampening field in the general vicinity to halt transformation to the Easter Bunny’s more powerful incarnation. Then Red mercilessly shot the helpless bunny with a special unholy Thorium based bullet. RIP world’s only Werehare!

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Is Chucky The Child’s Play Doll Real?

Yes, indeed the criminally possessed Chucky Doll from the Child’s Play Movies is based on a true supernatural story! The horror franchise follows the sordid saga of the serial killer Charles Lee Ray. A terrifying individual who was forced to transfer his consciousness, via Voodoo ritual, to a so-called Good Guy Doll for the purposes of alluding authorities. Possessed objects are nothing new in the world of the paranormal. Although they usually have the trapped spirit of a demon or some other higher dimensional entity. Only in rare cases do we see human souls or ghosts possess inanimate objects. Most of these unusual cases involve the vengeful curses and spells of dark magical practitioners.

Spiritual Transfer Via Voodoo Ritual

The ultimate secret inspiration for Child’s Play came from a metaphysical incident in 1954. Within a small town in Louisiana, an escaped murderous convict named Leroy Manning came to his grandmother for help.  She was a Voodoo witch doctor living in a remote bayou shack.  The authorities were outside with guns drawn as ferocious dogs growled for their criminal prey! His grandmother attempted a consciousness transference ritual to a large antique doll she acquired as a child.  There was no other escape left for him so they had nothing to lose! Her hope was to transfer him to the doll so his body would appear dead to the authorities. She had Leroy drink a mystical herbal concoction that would prevent necrosis when his body inevitably spent time in a morgue. Then once the supposed corpse was released back to her she would take his spirit from the doll, and embed it back into her grandson.

A Cursed Doll Is Born!

Mid ritual the authorities came in guns blazing. They killed Leroy, and his Grandmother who was standing too close to him.  Leroy had foolishly panicked, and pointed a gun at police!  His death amid the half-finished Voodoo ceremony triggered the immediate transfer of his consciousness to the doll permanently!  A police officer took the unusual looking doll home for his kids after it was released from evidence. That’s when the supernatural serial killing nightmare began.  The entire family met their maker with horrifying swiftness!

A Serial Killing Toy

Various unexplained sporadic murders have taken place from then up to present day across North America.  One even in Europe when the doll ended up in a shipping crate on a freighter. Each time someone remembers seeing the murder victims in possession of the doll described as deeply disturbing in appearance.  Various practitioners of magic have also reported being visited by the Leroy Doll as he sought to transfer his spirit to a human body. Most were unwilling, or unable to comply. Unfortunately for him, his original body was cremated by the State when nobody claimed his corpse.  Those who attempted the transference failed and ended up killing the host body!  The host body had to either be his own corpse or a live subject. If successful the host’s spirit would be relegated to the subconscious. They would be trapped in their own mind, and body with Leroy in the driver’s seat! In the end, it was apparent the original transference was botched. It seems Leroy was damned to be a creepy doll for all eternity!

A Spark Of Humor Amid Murderous Madness

Leroy DollDespite the tragic seriousness of this paranormal menace, there is a humorous side to it.  The doll in question he’s stuck in is a creepy looking female doll wearing a dress.  It’s similar to the one pictured to the left.  Imagine that doll walking out of the shadows with that terrifying smile on its face!  Naturally the good folks down at the Child’s Play films altered this true story for the cinema, and made him into a mainstream Chucky doll. The model for Chucky was actually a My Buddy Doll. A doll marketed toward boys made by the Hasbro toy company in the 1980’s. There is some evidence shielded by The Vatican that one such doll may have been possessed by a demon in the late 1980’s. Apparently, it was disintegrated in holy fire!

Beware The Dark Dolls Of Damnation!

Various real supernatural incidents are made into movies to inform the public under the guise of fiction so as not to alarm them.  At the least to give them the idea that a doll could be possessed if strange things start happening in their life!  If there’s any hint of a doll moving, or odd occurrences begin when it arrives in your life, then don’t hesitate to trash it! If it re-appears this is a very serious possessed object! You should consult a paranormal professional.  Most likely they will douse the doll in holy oil, and burn it to unholy ashes! Complete destruction is the only way to know for sure the nightmare is over. However, there is always that lingering chance of a dark spirit surviving to possesses another!

Terrifying Talking Child’s Play Chucky Doll

The Chucky Doll in the video above is 24 inches tall, features a moving head & mouth, stabbing arm action complete with plastic knife, and it says several threatening phrases.  Certainly, this animated creep of a doll would compliment any, and all Halloween festivities along with being quite a year-round conversation piece!  Get Your Very Own Talking Moving Chucky Doll Of Terror!
Pumpkin Witch

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How To Make Vampire Jack-O-Lanterns

If you’re looking for a new twist for your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern then try the Vampire angle. You will need the following supplies to create the Vampire pumpkins seen in the video above:

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