A Possessed Doll Haunted By A Vampire Seductress

This five foot tall doll had once been the pride, and joy of a little Russian Princess. Originally a bewitchingly beautiful doll hand crafted by an amazing artisan with roots in witchcraft. However after the 1917 Russian Revolution, that included the deposing of all royalty, the doll was promptly abandoned as the Princess was forced to flee from angry Bolshevik mobs!  It eventually made it’s way to a Transylvanian antique shop in the late 1930’s. There a powerful Gypsy woman found the doll in a deeply deteriorated condition.  However the physical condition wasn’t as important as the mystical properties she psychically sensed in this unique doll. She had been looking for the right tool to go about dealing with a dark vampire seductress corrupting local men, and disposing of any women who got in her way! Unfortunately this powerful second generation vampire was nearly invincible, and could not be defeated by conventional Vampire Slaying means. This included a wooden stake to the heart, and even beheading! Some even referred to her as the female Dracula rather than her real name of Helena!

The Gypsy sought to trap the demonic spiritual energy of the Vampiress Helena within the doll in order to rob her of power, and make her as helpless as a human. The plan was then to eradicate her. Unfortunately her complete demonic spirit was siphoned into the doll as her body burst into unholy flames leaving nothing but a pile of black ash! Now the doll was possessed by the vampires dark spirit. The metaphysical energies imbued within the doll made it indestructible.  It resisted all methods of destruction by the Gypsy.  She eventually was forced to lock the haunted doll away as it posed a great risk to everyone! It had a nasty habit of hypnotizing people into hurting themselves, and others as well! The diabolical doll was thought to have been destroyed upon the Gypsy’s death in 1943 at the hands of World War II air bombing.

Paranormal Researchers confirmed that the doll wasn’t destroyed at the Gypsy encampment, and it amazingly resurfaced in November of 1963 at the White House as part of a historical antique purchase. Unconfirmed reports indicate President John F Kennedy held the doll briefly as he was told of its royal Russian roots. Not long after that he met his tragic end in Dallas!  A series of unusual events, along with warnings from a Paranormal Defense Agency official, caused the doll to promptly be placed in supernatural storage. Sometime during the Nixon administration it mysteriously vanished from a supposedly secure top secret facility in Washington DC.

Haunted Vampire DollThere were potential sightings of the deadly doll across various points in North America. Although the only last known confirmed location was New York City.  It suddenly surfaced in 1984 at a New York City antique shop where it was bought by a wealthy family looking for spooky vintage toys for Halloween decor. What was to be a frightfully fun Halloween turned into a Witching Hour bloodbath that culmiated in a Devil’s Hour blaze that burnt their majestic manor to the ground! Amid the carnage the doll was found by a bachelor firefighter who disappeared without a trace the next day. After that the haunted doll of the vampire seductress Helena was never officially seen again! Of course there are a plethora of unsubstantiated rumors across the United States. One as recent as 2015 in Crabapple, Texas. It seems whoever comes into possession of the doll generally dies within a week! Get your very own creepy, but safe, copy of the doll as an animated prop for your Halloween party or haunted house!

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The Pounding Poltergeist

Poltergeist-McSheenDanny McSheen, a Project Manager, was burning the oils of Midnight once again all alone at Pinnacle Energies Research Corp.  Despite it being the season of Halloween he couldn’t enjoy the holidays with his immense work load.  As with each night for the past week there were inexplicable pounding sounds coming from the second floor that seemed to grow continually louder.  Each time he’d run up the flight of steps, and find nothing out of the ordinary.  Then the second he’d settle back into his office the ominous thumping would resume striking terror in Danny’s heart.  Calls to the Night Watchman yielded nothing.  In fact not a sound was heard when Security Guard Samuel Erickson happened to be present on his patrols of the rather large sized facility, and grounds.  Danny even attempted to record the unsettling sound that was now causing things to rattle due to the immense vibrations created from the floor above despite it being a solid building of concrete, cement, and steel.  His personal video camera, cell phone, and even a separate digital audio recorder, failed to pick up anything but dead static.  Even the various security camera’s scattered about the building would turn to white static during the episodes. At least technician’s were looking into those glitches, and it made McSheen look a bit sane when it came to his claims of odd noises.

McSheen desperately attempted to finish his work during the day but the deadline for the groundbreaking Aberdeen Energy Project was fast approaching, and the Investors were demanding to see a return by early next year!  Those under his authority had to work late as well, and that at least postponed the perplexing pounding that seemed to be targeted at Danny.  The whole exactness of the situation really made him believe some malicious bastard was harassing him despite security system data, and cam footage showing an empty building except when the security guard was present.  Although he was never present for the menacing shock wave pounding.  During this night of the Halloween Blood Moon the building began shaking at minor Earthquake levels causing things to fall off shelves, and break.  Danny’s cage was beyond rattled as he pulled out a gun he had recently bought out of fear, and bolted upstairs.  There he screamed,”Whoever the hell you are at least have the guts to show yourself!”  The rumbling stopped, and the electricity cut out!

McSheen stood in the pitch dark trembling as he gripped his firearm with sweaty hands.  The low emergency lighting kicked in, and he made his way to the Aberdeen
Energy Accelerator Lab.  The only area in the building where the florescent lights were still on yet flickering wildly.  Danny tip toed in slowly. The Accelerator was on emitting it’s normal azure blue pulsating lights.  However there was an eerie gray, and green haze wafting unnaturally around it.  He immediately thought a fire had started, and attempted to shut off the Energy Accelerator.  What he got was a high voltage jolt that caused him to fall to the hard floor. Danny blacked out for a few seconds before merely lying in a dazed almost paralyzed state.  The Blood Moon’s unholy crimson rays were directly shining into the lab through the skylights.  He was shocked not only by the electricity but the pure redness of the light like nothing he had ever seen before.  It was indeed a true supernatural Blood Moon of darkness brought about by malevolent metaphysical forces afoot amid the 13 Nights Of Halloween.

The gray, and green haze began to glow crimson, and coalesce into a hideous humanoid form mere feet away from Danny. Now becoming more coherent he grasped for his gun lying on the floor near him.  The astral entity went beyond metaphysics, and become a solid physical presence which is beyond rare in the paranormal world since it takes a great deal of raw energy.  The monstrous individual was in fact a Poltergeist formed from a collective of damned spirits who died in a blaze at a prison for the criminally insane.  A prison whose foundation was that of the very building Danny was now in.  He helplessly bellowed in terror as the cackling sinister smirking entity walked toward him slowly with each step making an insanely loud pounding sound that shook the entire lab.  Danny unloaded his gun into the poltergeist but the bullets were absorbed into his unholy body.  He attempted to crawl away but the crazed spirit lifted him up, and tossed him against a wall causing the plaster to crumble.

The evil entity shrieked with glee as his guttural echoing voice uttered,”Thank you for releasing us from our Hell on Earth!  Your wonderful energy source converging
with the Blood Moon finally ended our nightmare!  Now we’re free to make this world a nightmare starting with you!  If not for that accident where you fell into the energy chamber we wouldn’t have had a blueprint to physically manifest!  Now to complete the process we will devour you, and end your pathetic existence!”  The physical poltergeist laughed maniacally, and extended it’s mouth exponentially forward swallowing Danny McSheen alive.  His final cries of terror could be heard muffled within the spine chilling creature.  This unique dark force had literally eaten Danny’s mind, body, and soul.  Now still alive within as apart of the mindless collective of evil, he would be forced to watch the unimaginable horrors the blasphemous beast would wrought upon the world.

The Security Guard Samuel Erickson ran in just then with his firearm drawn.  He stood completely shocked as he saw the deformed denizen of darkness morph into the perfect image of Danny McSheen now that it had assimilated his DNA.  Samuel’s last words were,”What the….”.  The poltergeist shot toward him at seemingly light speed, and ate him whole adding his essence to the poltergeist collective as a trapped soul.  The abomination strolled outside into the Blood Moonlight roaring wildly with reckless abandon just as the entire facility blew up in a massive ball of flames.  The poltergeist, appearing as the human Danny McSheen, had eyes glowing orange with ferocious flames reflecting it’s violent intent upon everyone who crossed it’s path!.  The sirens of fire, and police could be heard in the distance while the shrill screams of innocents were simultaneously heard blocks away.  A new murderous man eater now walked the Earth, and nobody was safe!

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Little Girl Infused With Halloween Spirit Rails Against Preacher

Halloween Spirit GirlIt was to be a joyous time on nearly the eve of Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts.  As home of the horrific late 1600’s Salem Witch Trials many practitioners of magic converge to the site of their fallen sisters of magic to bolster the Spirit Of Halloween for the betterment of humankind.  The Halloween Spirit that instills itself into locals who relish the fun filled spooky celebrations of the supernatural season.  Unfortunately various preachers of Christianity mistake anything associated with Halloween as evil.  Naturally there are demon worshiping dark witches, and warlocks whose nefarious plots infest the sainted Samhain season but they’re generally lurking in the dark shadows rather than blatantly celebrating on the streets. There’s also the mistaken belief that, nature deities that witches call upon for magic, are a dark force they blanket with the Pagan label. In truth the nature deities, or Earthly Gods, take a direct hand in caring for the planet, and aiding humankind. This opposes the Heavenly Angels plans of non-intervention, for the most part, until the appointed end times of Armageddon‘s final battles.

The video above features a little girl brimming full with the Spirit Of Halloween shouting at a Christian street preacher to “shut up!”  We can’t blame her for seeing the preacher as an opposing force to her enjoyment of Halloween festivities.  Certainly anyone with microphone enhancements booming their voice in vicinity can be annoying. This is especially true when it’s totally out of place for the venue.  That being said there is free speech in this nation, and our society has been lacking a respect for its elders as of late.  There is also the fact that Christianity is the largest religion on Earth, and therefore bolsters the power of the human collective consciousness. This is why their religious artifacts (holy water, crosses, etc.) have the most repellant power against the forces of demonic evil. Some of you may have disdain for religion but when the blessed holy waters of a local Priest saves your life against an attacking vampire or werewolf you think twice about any hatred you may hold. The preacher along with some of his friends in the area probably helped deter any dark forces that might of had designs on the innocent children frolicking about in the dark shadows of the foreboding night.

We spoke to a local good witch named Octavia who witnessed the little girls tirade, and
she agreed with it to an extent but thought it was somewhat disrespectful for a child to scream at an adult who wasn’t necessarily doing anything wrong.  Octavia indicated she later calmed the girl down, and said everyone has a right to their beliefs.  A right to share it with others yet not force it upon them.  Since the spirited girl had expressed interest in being a witch Octavia gave her the rare treat of attending a mystical Wicca ceremony presided over by powerful witches. Thankfully the girls parents were open minded. The good witch Octavia was also dismayed at how men, and women of the cloth lump her, and all practitioners of white magic in with those practicing the dark arts.  Octavia exclaimed,”We’re all on the same side fighting the forces of evil.  All those yearning for peace on Earth should be working together to end humanity’s struggles through evolutionary infancy to push forth to adulthood, and oneness with Mother Earth.  As animals in the distant past we were once in tune with nature until the acquisition of sapience caused an eventual disruption in that.  Re-achieving harmony with the spirit of Goddess Gaia is the only assurance of a future Utopia.”  We agree that all the technology in the world will not bring us into the era of the Paradise Planet if we don’t acknowledge, and respect the spirit of Mother Nature. The wise witch assured us that her local coven, with ties to the spirits of the Salem Witch Trial fallen, had the area well protected for the kids partaking of hallowed Halloween festivities.

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Halloween Girl vs Preacher

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How Did The NBC TV Show Awake End?

Awake Television SeriesThe NBC television series Awake, which aired in 2011-2012, was about a LAPD cop, named Detective Michael Britten (Played by Jason Isaacs), who was in a car accident with his family.  Afterward he began leading two lives that seemed perfectly real.  One where his wife was still alive while his son was killed in the automobile accident.  Another where his son was alive but his wife died in the accident. Upon falling asleep in one reality he would immediately awaken in the other.  He eventually unraveled a conspiracy revealing that the accident was in fact a deliberate attempt on his life.  This was wrapped up on the final episode.  However no real explanation was given for what he was experiencing throughout the show with his double lives.  It ended with one reality freezing while at his psychiatrist’s office, and him walking through a door in her office directly into his house where both his wife, and son were alive.  This made no sense on any level for the viewer, and the shows creator had no idea as well since they always leave shows open for a second season thereby screwing over the viewers.  Clearly there will be no second season so we shall devise an ending, and it will satisfy you so that you may move on with your own life.

Obviously he didn’t wake up from some messed up double dream, and it’s doubtful this was a parallel Universe drama since there were too many delusional visions mixed into both realities.  So it’s safe to say that neither reality was real.  So this is all in his head, or it’s the afterlife.  These type of realistic dreams could be the result of him in a coma, or in a mental institution in some highly disturbed state.  We think most likely he, and his entire family died in the car accident.  Everyone seemed to be wearing their seat belts, and it wouldn’t make any sense that one, or even two, died but one survived well enough to go back to work right away.  His family was run off the road, and the car rolled several times down a steep embankment.  It’s doubtful anyone could survive that even with seat belts fastened.

We believe that the show was following the ghost of Detective Britten who witnessed, for a split second, the rogue cop who ran him off the road.  That observation, which only registered at the sub-consciousness level, was enough to create his ghost from the sheer injustice along with the trauma of a violent death.  So the entire show took place in his mind as a ghost stuck in the astral plane between life, and death.  He clearly never manifested in the real world to uncovered the conspiracy against him, and to haunt those who caused his death.  As a 4-D ghost his mind would have been powerful enough to conjure up two realistic realities culling from every little observation of his life to create a complex world where he uncovered the mystery of the conspiracy that caused the tragic death of his family.  More than likely the ghosts of his family were real within his fantasy, and they thought they were still alive in the same way he thought he was still on Earth.  The rest of the people in his mind were created by his sub-consciousness but were of course based on the real people he had worked with.

It’s unlikely he could have unraveled the entire conspiracy from subtle sub-consciousness observations so he may in fact have been guided by Angels to the answer.  Such as his police partner dressed as a penguin.  In his mind he acquired the justice he needed to move on to the afterlife if in fact the real conspirators got away with their crime in real life.  The final scene with him, and his family was the final step of closure before entering the real afterlife.  In the end they would have all walked out the kitchen door into a bright white light leading them to Heaven, and beyond!

If none of this made any sense to you because you never saw the show then you can watch it online at Netflix.com with a low cost membership of $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming of a plethora of televisions shows, and movies.

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