Crazed Cat Is Displeased With His Birthday Cake!

A crazed cat is lavished with a fine tuna birthday cake by his owner. However the cat is not impressed in the least. He shows his displeasure for the cake by swatting it off the table! It flies into the wall, and falls to floor in utter ruins. His cat friend looks on silently. Undoubtedly the owner quickly cleaned up the mess, and prepared a new cake for the persnickety feline!

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The Planet’s Largest Super Soaker!

This monstrous bad boy of a super soaker delivers maximum mayhem when dealing with denizens of demonic darkness. When loaded with holy water blessed by a certified priest of most religions, you have yourself one hell of a paranormal repellant! No longer will hordes of vampires, werewolves, and other demonic based beings direct ferocious fright at you! Unfortunately zombies aren’t demonic based but the raw power of this water cannon will blast their rotted parts at least a block away with extreme prejudice! Until you’re able to get a stupendous super soaker like this you’ll have to settle for these wonderful selections!

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The Bubonic Black Plague Of Death Personified

Black Plague SpiritThe notorious Black Death that ravaged 14th century Europe was a supernatural biological warfare experiment.  A horror perpetrated by none other than the master of death & disease The Plague Doctor!  Paranormal records now indicate that he named the Black Plague Mortimer as it was his pet project.  Indeed he sees bacteria, and viruses as his friends. Various drawings depict Mortimer as the Black Plague spirit that drove his disease to pandemic levels. A Dark Spirit conjured from the diabolical sub-conscious mind of The Plague Doctor, Two of the Four Horsemen Pestilence & Death along with the fear of deadly disease in the minds of humans everywhere! The above photo is a duplication of the ancient illustrations, and it’s now available as a vinyl figure for historical remembrance, a protective totem for those who believe in the world of the supernatural, or even just Halloween decor.

Evidence indicates such dolls fashioned in the Plague Spirits image were used by those in the paranormal know to repel Mortimer’s reign of bubonic terror!  Seeing his own horrific image caused him to leave the owners of the figure alone.  Mortimer may have also believed their knowledge of the paranormal could lead to his demise.  Rather than risk it he moved on to millions of other victims!  Click here if you would like to own the macabre historical personification of the Black Plague holding the scythe of the most famous, and deadly of the Four Horsemen.  Death himself!

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Amazing Autumn Annotations

🍂Iridescent leaves decorate the landscape fluttering feverishly about the branches. From the tremendous trees they fall ever so gracefully wafting to the surface slowly while gleaming in the bright bewitching beams of the sun. The tell tale crunching can be heard as you run atop fallen foliage and jump into mounds made of it with glee. In the distance the pumpkin farm harvest heralds the coming of Halloween and all things scary and sweet. The aroma of burning leaves fills the cool autumn air only to be pleasantly interrupted by freshly baked cookies as you enter the haven of your hallowed hearth.🎃

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