Hilarious Presidential Debate Stalking!

UPDATE: Seriously it’s like whiplash! SNL keeps blocking and then reactivating access to this particular video for reasons not yet known! I’m just leaving what I wrote below because it’s getting old. Just accept that sometimes the video above will work and sometimes it won’t!  Someone at NBC has a lot of time on their hands! They’re actually paying someone to fart around with videos like this! Sign me up for that easy gig!

Embedded above there used to be a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit where Donald Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, comically stalks Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, on the second debate stage amid Jaws theme music. However as usual the idiots removed it from Youtube so here’s the video at NBC’s website insteadOriginal Youtube Video URL Now Annoyingly Gone!

Okay this is ridiculous! Now it’s gone from NBC as if this is some secret jewel not to be seen ever again! You can find SNL’s skits of the first and third debates but not the second for some insane unknown reason! However there are clips of it within news videos….for now! Below is a CNN report…until it’s magically deleted!

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Haunted Werewolf Rug

Regular Werewolf Fur And Skin Preserved As A Rug Via Dark Magic! Animation Courtesy Of Demonic Possession!

I know what you’re thinking about this horrifying Werewolf Rug brought to you courtesy of brave Werewolf Hunters!  What an atrocity to skin a Werewolf when it’s a human being during the day, and most nights of the month except for the Full Moon time of course.  Not to mention the fact that a dead Werewolf almost always reverts back to human form.  Fear not for this rug was made from a rare soulless Albino Werewolf.  Not to be mixed up with the cuddly sweet white Werewolves of the Christmas Yule Moon.  We’re talking about a Werewolf that is the result of two Lycanthrope’s mating in their wolf form.  This is quite rare since most werewolves are mindless monsters who will attack even each other. The last thing on their minds is mating!

Those in control of their supernatural transformations, with some manner of self-awareness while in Werewolf form, know better than to engage in such an unholy act. An atrocity that would produce a Werewolf abomination without human form nor a soul! A pure deadly demonic animal on the prowl for human flesh every night of the year regardless of Full Moon status! An apex predator among monstrous predators!

These demonic animals are so metaphysically unique that even skinning & dismembering them isn’t enough to eradicate their existence.  The Werewolf Rug in the video greets Halloween guests with growling and glowing eyes. This courtesy of its demonic energy living on until the entire body is destroyed in holy fire blessed by a powerful priest!  Fortunately, as a rug draped on your floor it’s harmless…just stay away from the mouth or you’ll get a chunk bitten out of your ankle along with becoming a Werewolf!  It’s a great way to deter potential intruders on those long cold Autumn and Winter nights!  Click Here To Learn More About The Werewolf Rug Or Purchase This Wonderful Wolfy Decor!

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Is Where’s Waldo Real?

You may know Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally In Great Britain) as a popular series of children’s books. Within the illustrated pages one must attempt to find the distinctively dressed Waldo at various locations. In a Parallel Universe, there is a real person who is somewhat like Waldo. He’s a deeply eccentric billionaire named Waldo Wallyson. He absolutely loves traveling around the world to the point of not even having one permanent home! On a daily basis at some point, he dons his trademark red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses for a certain period of time. He usually only does this in very crowded venues.

He also generally pays actors to dress similar to him so they may act as decoys. In addition, he sometimes decorates items in the vicinity with red, and white stripes just for the fun of it! If someone happens to recognize him and is the first to cry out “There’s Waldo!”, they get one million dollars in cash! It’s presented to the lucky winner by one of Waldo’s security people who are always nearby. Mr. Wallyson has photographers document his various live location contests, and publish them into books on an annual basis.  The books themselves contain a plethora of clues where Waldo can be found in the coming year. There’s also an online game and app where people can win smaller cash prizes by locating him via live cams, and even satellite photos.

Waldo eventually died at the age of 84. His final wish was a morbid request for people to locate his cryogenically frozen corpse in a glass case.  A lucky sea diver found it in the ocean off the coast of Australia. He won himself a cool billion! 307 years later he was resurrected via amazing technologies, and he began his hide, and seek in plain sight games again.  However the concept of money had vanished by then, and he gave away various handcrafted prizes instead.  Something sought after since he was considered a famous historical figure by then. The Immortal Waldo spread his popular game into space across the Milky Way, and beyond! It’s even said he stopped an intergalactic war by encouraging the game to decide the victor rather than violence. God bless Waldo and his wacky ways of wisdom!

Where’s Waldo Now?

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The Ultimate Porch Pirate Revenge!

With each passing year, the insidious porch pirate scourge grows ever more prevalent! The tempting allure of blatant theft instilled in some who spot delivered packages on people’s porches or resting outside apartment doors. The complete lack of civility and honor coupled with zero respect for people’s property. The porch pirate epidemic is one of many signs highlighting the detrimental decline of common decency and morals in our sick society! Many have gone with surveillance countermeasures, lock boxes, delivery to one’s workplace or a secure location. There are also services that deliver inside your house or car! Others with a more devious type of justice in mind delve into their creative intelligence to conjure up fantastical tools of revenge against weasels who steal packages.📦

The video above highlights the ingenious invention of an Ex-NASA Engineer named Mark Rober. The outside looks like an Apple HomePod speaker package with a fake shipping label on it. On the inside are four smartphones to record the theft from all angles along with providing GPS location for package recovery. Even if the package can’t be recovered the phones upload recorded video to a cloud server. When the cover of the package is removed a massive amount of glitter is furiously fanned forth along with noxious fart spray bursts! Even better would be professional hunters skunk scent! In the end, what we get are the surprised reactions of the offended porch pirates. Hopefully, they learn the valuable lesson of not stealing!👿

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