Realistic Slender Man Prank Or Is It Really Him?

Subway SlendermanSupposedly the man in this video is dressed in an impressively large, and accurate Slender Man mask, and suit. Or is it really the notoriously evil Slender Man himself? Recent paranormal intelligence indicates that the Slender Man Assassin may have shot Slender Man with some type of chemical weapon that temporarily altered his brain chemistry. This might explain his odd out in public behavior rather than skulking about the wooded shadows. The person filming this is conjectured to be the first sentient being who ran across Slender after his altered mental state occurred. Slender is known for his hypnosis of humans so it could be that the roles are reversed during this video.  This human seems to be using Slender Man as a pranking tool, and possibly for personal missions of a sinister nature! If this was the case it’s estimated that Slenderman snapped out of it within a month, or so. Most likely the cameraman is no longer with us!

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The Sinister Supernatural Slenderman Song

It’s the hit song that’s sweeping the nation this Halloween, and the ideal lullaby for kids who love their sweet Slendy.

Slender Man Slender Man all the children try to run

Slender Man Slender Man to him it’s part of the fun

Slender Man Slender Man dressed in darkest suit and tie

Slender Man Slender Man you most certainly will die

Slender Man Slender Man his branching arms are for collecting

Slender Man Slender Man his face is empty of expressing

Slender Man Slender Man he won’t let you say goodbye

Slender Man Slender Man you most certainly will die

You most certainly will die

Slender Man Slender Man sometimes hums a lonely drone

Slender Man Slender Man he will wander around your home

Slender Man Slender Man blends in well within the trees

Slender Man Slender Man in the fog he’s hard to see

Slender Man Slender Man dressed in darkest suit and tie

Slender Man Slender Man you most certainly will die

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Slenderman Abducts Kids

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What Happens When House Of Cards Meets Game Of Thrones?

Naturally You Get House Of Thrones

House Of ThronesWe generally see commercials as nuisances. However the latest production from Quiznos Sandwich Restaurants is more like the preview of an entertaining new show called House Of Thrones.  A hilarious combination parody of Netflix’s House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey, and HBO’s Game of Thrones. The actor portraying Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood, has a dead on Spacy/Underwood impression who breaks the fourth wall throughout as he does in House Of Cards.  Rarely are we compelled by commercials but this time we’ll go ahead, and give Quiznos a try just for entertaining us!

As with any TV show, or film we always examine it’s reality in a parallel Universe.House Of Thrones Frank Underwood  So Frank Underwood achieved his goal of the US Presidency, and discovered the government has a top secret time travel, and five dimensional transportation device.  President Underwood then travels to the past of the parallel Universe where Game Of Thrones exists.  Underwood appears to be alone without security which might suggest he ended up there by accident because he clearly could have the US Military take over. Since he’s still wearing his business suit that suggests he’s made a point of hyping his arrival from some fantastical dimension.

In this world of medieval danger Frank must rely on his wit, charm, and charisma to survive, and achieve his master plan of controlling the 7 kingdoms.  It seems the same underhanded tactics from our complex political landscape are working for President Underwood on the primitive planet of perils.  However it may just be a matter of time before he is forced to enter into mortal combat to defend his newly acquired throne…

Watch Game of Thrones Season 1 Online | Watch House of Cards Season 1 Online

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Is Where’s Waldo Real?

You may know Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally In Great Britain) as a popular series of children’s books. Within the illustrated pages one must attempt to find the distinctively dressed Waldo at various locations. In a Parallel Universe there is a real person who is somewhat like Waldo. He’s a deeply eccentric billionaire named Waldo Wallyson. He absolutely loves traveling around the world to the point of not even having one permanent home! On a daily basis at some point he dons his trademark red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses for a certain period of time. He usually only does this in very crowded venues. He also generally pays actors to dress similar to him so they may act as decoys. In addition he sometimes decorates items in vicinity with red, and white stripes just for the fun of it! If someone happens to recognize him, and is the first to cry out “There’s Waldo!”, they get one million dollars in cash! It’s presented to the lucky winner by one of Waldo’s security people who are always nearby.

Mr. Wallyson has photographers document his various live location contests, and publish them into books on an annual basis.  The books themselves contain a plethora of clues where Waldo can be found in the coming year. There’s also an online game, and app where people can win smaller cash prizes by locating him via live cams, and even satellite photos.

Waldo eventually died at the age of 84. His final wish was a morbid request for people to locate his cryogenically frozen corpse in a glass case.  A lucky sea diver found it in the ocean off the coast of Australia. He won himself a cool billion!  307 years later he was resurrected via amazing technologies, and he began his hide, and seek in plain sight games again.  However the concept of money had vanished by then, and he gave away various hand crafted prizes instead.  Something sought after since he was considered a famous historical figure by then. The Immortal Waldo spread his popular game into space across the Milky Way, and beyond! It’s even said he stopped an intergalactic war by encouraging the game to decide the victor rather than violence. God bless Waldo, and his wacky ways of wisdom!

Where’s Waldo Now?

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