Screaming Chicken Drive Thru Prank

An unfortunate man ordering chicken in a fast food drive thru turns into an unusual chicken via voodoo curse. It seems he ran a notorious slaughter house that a Vegan Voodoo Master shut down by supernatural force. This transmutation to chickenhood is the magical masters revenge for all the innocent chicken lives lost! Now serving life as a chicken the voodoo victim faces the horror of being served chicken cannibal style! This via an additional voodoo doll curse that compels him to perpetually drive to all manner of drive thru restaurants across the North American continent. His money is counterfeit cash metaphysically manifested out of thin air! Despite remnants of his human mind still existing he is in essence a sapient chicken man eating other chickens. In his mind it is the equivalent of us being forced to eat human meat! The distress of his honking noises will dive deep into the very bowels of your soul! To make matters worse he is turned back to human form for brief periods to relive the full brunt of the horror!

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The Devil’s Hour Haunted House Poem

Devil Hour House

👻Haunted house hanging heavy with horror,
Dark damned depths at death’s door,
Wicked waters waving wildly,
Crazed creatures of chaos crashing upward,
The Devil’s Hour is at Hell’s horrifying hand!😈

Learn about the true hellish nature of the real supernatural Devil’s Hour!

Devils Hour

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The Return Of The Original Karate Kid

Finally, after three decades we see the return of the original 1984 Karate Kid motion picture in a half hour drama comedy on Youtube Red. The web series is called Cobra Kai and it will follow the lives of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).  Apparently, Johnny decides to re-open the Cobra Kai dojo in defiance of Daniel. In turn, the old competitive rivalry between the two is reignited. Hopefully, Mr.Miyagi finally taught Daniel all his karate secrets before he died. I felt like he held back the good stuff. Especially considering how Mike Barnes really toyed with him in Karate Kid Part III. You can watch the Cobra Kai series here once it is released on May 2, 2018.

The Karate Kid Part Four I Imagined Years Ago
I was always hoping they would have an action-packed part 4. The Next Karate Kid doesn’t count. Something like Chozen from Karate Kid II returns for revenge after being imprisoned in Japan for his various murder attempts. Chozen becomes a member of the Yakuza and sets up a criminal syndicate in Daniels California community. Miyagi, Daniel, and Johnny, who I saw as being a lawyer, team up to clean up the neighborhood. Daniel was running the old bonsai shop along with his own karate studio next door. Perhaps Mike Barnes enters the fray for his own payback. I found it hard to believe that Terry Silver, Sensei Kreese, and Barnes just walked away quietly after their miserable Part III failure. Certainly, the return of Chozen or Mike Barnes would be a compelling idea for a season 2 of Cobra Kai.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the fine line of Karate Kid films then now is the time before Cobra Kai airs on Youtube Red. I’d say the nostalgic excitement of this series should compel you to subscribe to Youtube Red! At the time of posting this article, they are offering a free month trial membership! [Top Youtube Comment]

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The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Deals With A New Breed Of Zombie

The good folks down at The Walking Dead travel to an area where the Walkers have been infected with high tech government nanobots that draw them to integrate with various technologies they come across. Daryl Dixon meets a unique zombie horde in a parking garage full of hoverboards. These zombies ride them about in their usual mindless walking dead state. In the end Daryl gets the better of these odd Walkers. Years later Daryl faces new challenges as flying jet pack Walkers begin to plague the survivors of the zombie apocalypse!

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