When Does The Halloween Season Begin?

Jack-O-Lantern Of Unholy LightThe first crispy chill wafted into Canada from the icy far north of North Pole City. An annual event brought about at the behest of the Winter God Jack Frost as a push for the Autumnal Gods to begin their pre-winter work. It heralded a hint of the fabulous iridescent cavalcade of colors that is the Autumn season!  The heart of Autumn is, of course, the ultimate holiday of balance between good, and evil known as Halloween, or All Hallows Eve.  A time when both sides attempt to marshal up enough magic to defeat the other.  In the paranormal community, Halloween used to start at the Autumnal Equinox.  However with Shala, the mysterious Queen Of Halloween, finally exiting out of the shadows of secretive history we have learned Of the true first day of the All Hallows Season

Shala presides over a special annual ceremony to officially usher in the supernatural season of Halloween.  It takes place at the location in the Northern Hemisphere when the first healthy leaf of Autumn loses it’s green chlorophyll hue and turns a marvelous shade of either crimson, orange, gold, or even violet.  There is a similar ceremony practiced during the pre-Fall season in the Southern Hemisphere.  Although it is more low key leading up to Samhain on April 30th.  Samhain is the origin of the central Halloween holiday on October 31st all around the world. However, Samhain is also celebrated at the same time by some. Particularly with those in the magical community.  All these holiday celebrations are meant to marshal paranormal power and manifest balance in the metaphysical world while paying homage to the Earthly Nature Gods, and Goddesses.

The exact date of the Halloween Season Commencement Ceremony depends solely on the first Autumn Nymph venturing forth from the Paradise Plane to send the first spark of Fall into nature.  Shala psychically knows where the location and time will be in advance. However, the Fall Nymphs communicate with her on a regular basis.  Some even choose to live in Shala’s own autumn paradise on Halloween Island. It’s usually sometime in early September when the first leaf changes.  Although new ancient records shed light on August being the earliest date. Usually somewhere in an area where a Summer Nymph has been weakened in some way and is more than happy to begin the transition into Autumn.  The ceremony is set to take place in a few days somewhere in the Southern Yukon!

Despite that many of us in the real paranormal community begin Halloween preparations 66 days in advance of Hallowmas All Saints Day November 1st. These are known as the 66 Nights Of Halloween! So August 27th is the earliest kick off of the Halloween season accepted in the secret supernatural world! May your Halloween season be full of fun frights, and sweet treats! Hopefully free of any hellish horrors! Unfortunately, that falls upon those of us who fight the forces of evil so you can enjoy all the holiday seasons of the year!

Happy Halloween!
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