All Saints Day Angel Alert

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All Saints Day AngelTomorrow is All Saints Day, aka Hallowmas, which is a day of rest after the hellish horrors of Halloween.  After the number one day of maliciously manifested evil the non-intervention edict of Heaven is lifted, and saintly Angels descend to clean up a variety of supernatural messes including violations of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  Their presence will be felt by all manner of beings including entities of evil who will lie low for the most part.  Even during the Witching, and Devil’s hours.  Humans will feel happier, and more secure due to their own guardian Angels feeling gleeful over their Heavenly brothers, and sisters floating about.  Some will feel the Angelic souls of fallen family, and friends among them as well.  Those practicing Enochian Angel Magic will be at the apex of their power on Hallowmas.

If for some reason the Mystic Investigations team was unsuccessful in stopping the resurrection of the Devil, and the fathering of the Anti-Christ at the Devil’s Pentagram in Kazakhstan it will be interesting to see how the Angels will deal with the aftermath of this most heinous of evils.

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