When Does Santa Claus Deliver His Christmas Gifts?

Santas-TravelsWhat is the exact time Santa delivers his presents?  There are those who say Christmas Eve December 24th, and those who say Midnight on Christmas Day.  The truth is that he begins his deliveries promptly at Midnight on Christmas Day December 25th.  Although he departs from the North Pole on December 24th during the 11 PM hour to take a leisurely sleigh ride to the International Dateline in order to cross directly into Christmas Day.  Realistically late Christmas Eve is actually to early at night to be sneaking into people’s houses.  Many would still be awake! Santa could show up anytime between 12:00 AM, and 4:00 AM.  The usual hours of evil, known as the Witching, and Devil’s Hours, fall during this time period.  However Santa Claus’s Angelic aura cleanses them, and they become holy hours.  The forces of darkness generally cower away in fear not daring to show their faces, or harm any of those on Father Christmas’s nice list.  This holy blessing is needed to dissipate evil energies built up throughout the year that might be channeled by nefarious figures whose sole purpose is to foment crisis ridden chaos, and diabolical discord among humankind.

Santa could easily deliver all the gifts in one hour within each time zone thereby staying perpetually in the 12:00 AM hour.  However he does briefly meet with certain lucky people, stop to eat cookies, and drink milk along with slowing down to enjoy his legendary annual flight.  He also chooses to spread forth the Spirit Of Christmas, and the magic marshaled by the innocence of children all around the world across the normally nefarious hours of evil.  In addition he usually runs across his evil twin brother the Anti-Claus, and others who try to destroy Christmas.  His sky battles with the Anti-Claus light the sky ablaze with fireworks, and can be seen as Aurora’s, and other astronomical phenomenon.  Thankfully thus far no misguided master of malevolence, and mayhem have been able to stop Santa Claus, and the magic of Christmas!

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