How Fast Does Santa Claus Travel?

Angels in biological form can actually move at the speed of light.  The closer they are to this speed the more their biological form begins to phase into a pure energy form.  They are limited to this speed due to the laws of physics.  However they can also create a bubble of five dimensional space around them, and move at nearly unlimited faster than light speeds allowing for travel back in time.  Santa Claus is a half Angel, or a Demi-Angel, who is also half human.  He has informed us that he can run at 50% the speed of light along with having powers of Chronokinesis.  Chronokinesis is the manipulation of time.  His personal speed, time manipulations, magical sleigh, and enchanted reindeer allow him to deliver all his gifts in one night.  His sleigh moves at the speed of light thanks to magic.  So on his own Santa Claus can move at half the speed of light which is 335,308,314.5 mph.  With magical help Father Christmas can move at the speed of light, or 670,616,629 mph. Needless to say if you’ve been naughty there’s no point in running away from Santa because he’ll catch you every time.  Even if you hide he’ll just travel back in time to a point where he know you’ll be.   For those who are nice good luck on catching him in the act of eating your milk, and cookies on Christmas Eve!



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