Where Did Santa Claus’s Enchanted Flying Reindeer Come From?

Santa's Enchanted ReindeerBefore he officially became Santa Claus, and Saint Nicholas, he was simply known as Nicholas Of Myra. In those ancient times he relied on horses to pull his carriage(warm winter areas), or sleigh(cold winter areas) to deliver gifts to deserving children in his region. He had yet to come up with the idea of flight to quicken the delivery process. Reindeer were something he had yet to come across. Nicholas’s delivery territory expanded with each passing year. He pushed ever further into colder winter zones since people were in desperate need of good cheer in those dark gloomy cold times. Terrifying times before Christmas as we know it today!

At some point Santa realized his horses traveling at normal speeds would never be able to keep up with his ever growing present deliveries. So Santa began experimenting with the enchantment of his horses.  A process of transferring a bit of his Angelic grace into the animals to super charge them.  Things seemed to be going well until one night in the Finish Lapland’s when his horses were neutralized by the dark power his evil twin brother the nefarious Anti-Claus, a powerful Demidemon.  The horses became Hell Horses, and went on a rampage that Santa stopped before anyone got hurt.  However there was a great deal of property damage.  All seemed to be lost during that fateful Christmas Eve when all the sudden a group of curious reindeer surrounded Santa, and he was able to read their thoughts.  He realized that these were special reindeer destined to be with him for a long time to come.  It’s unknown if some force of good set this up.

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So Santa Claus enchanted them to the fullest, and they became fully sentient complete with intelligent speech.  It’s unknown if they are linked to human souls, and could therefore be humans in various parallel Universes.  Unlike the horses these reindeer could fly.  For whatever reason they were best suited to Angelic enchantment, and it was destiny that Santa ran across them.

The nine enchanted reindeer are:

  1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  2. Dasher
  3. Dancer
  4. Prancer
  5. Vixen
  6. Comet
  7. Cupid
  8. Donner
  9. Blitzen
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