Dominic The Christmas Donkey

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Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey was said to be a major player in the “1958 Christmas Incident” somewhere over Italy. Apparently the Anti-Claus launched a major attack on Santa’s Claus’s Christmas Eve deliveries that year. This resulted in some of the reindeer being incapacitated. Dominic was a human cursed into being a donkey by a dark witch. The brave little fella stepped in to save Christmas. He fended off the Anti-Claus’s Hell Hounds to protect the fallen reindeer. Meanwhile Santa dealt with the Dark Claus himself. The Anti-Claus’s werewolf, known as Wickaninnish, was kept at bay by Elves traveling with Santa. In the end, Christmas deliveries continued with Dominic providing additional support to the weakened reindeer. The donkey was enchanted with the power of flight and Christmas 1958 was saved! To this day Dominic lives happily at North Pole City.

Curses created by powerful practitioners of magic are extremely difficult to break. Even for a Demi-Angel like Santa Claus. Certainly he’s never been able to reverse the Werehare curse upon the Easter Bunny! However, the Spirit Of Christmas allows Dominic to return to human form temporarily during the Christmas season. Still, he enjoys being a donkey and is often seen hanging with his reindeer pals or in Equineville. Equineville is a small community at the North Pole where donkeys, horses, mules, zebras, and others live in harmony.🐴