The Mystical Polar Horses Of North Pole City

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North Pole City boasts a herd of Polar Horses bred by Santa Claus himself. They are descended from the Greek horses who used to pull his sleigh in ancient times before his flying reindeer came to be. Reindeer are more suited to flying and are more resistant to the forces of darkness. Santa’s horses are a product of cross-breeding with Icelandic Horses, his angelic grace, a bit of magic, and a hint of various polar animals bearing the familiar snow white color.

These majestic steeds have full flowing manes that are like silk. Their fur is satin soft as well. The eyes of these noble beasts often glow a light blue indicating the metaphysical energy of the Christmas Spirit flows within them along with the Demi-Angel Santa’s grace. They are extremely friendly and approachable by people. Anyone can ride a polar horse even without a saddle as they roam about North Pole City. However, they do return to the stables next to the reindeer’s barn to eat and sleep at night. There some are saddled for guests to ride about the winter wonderland.

The polar horses favorite pastime seems to be running along the Arctic beaches and even going in for a short icy dip. On sunny days Elves can sometimes be seen running among the herd giggling with glee as they play snowball tag. The horses beautifully eerie whinnies are carried by the arctic winds and can echo throughout North Pole City at times. Once a year Santa Claus holds a cross country polar horse race around North Pole City. The prize for the rider is a small pot of lucky Leprechauns Gold minus the wishing power. The horse gets a big bucket of perfect Truffles said to be from the Garden Of Eden. The horses also enjoy frolicking with their reindeer friends and various other enchanted animals including the 12 shy Unicorns that hide about the Christmas realm.

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