Is Jack Frost A Real Supernatural Being?

What Is Jack Frost? How Is He Related To The Snow Queen Elsa?
Jack FrostJack Frost, sometimes called Old Man Winter, and even Father Winter, is the literal original personification of Winter on Earth.  This makes him the Chief Winter God, and Grand Master Of Cryokinesis on Earth, who was worshiped as such by various human cultures over the ages under different names.  His birth over 650 million years ago triggered a global ice age called the Snowball Earth. He has also usually had some part in subsequent Ice Ages. Often coinciding with some manner of angst in his long often miserable life due to his glum outlook on his existence.  As with many Earthly Gods, Jack was born spontaneously via the unintended interactions of various forms of consciousness on a variety of dimensional levels.  The exact catalyst is unknown but it’s plausible he could be the personification of winter even beyond Earth…..Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog...

Disney’s Frozen Queen Elsa Is Real & She Knows Jack Frost!
Frozen Queen ElsaIt’s a little known fact that Disney’s Frozen is based on a true story.  The infamous Snow Queen Elsa was actually one of Jack’s few love interests.  Elsa is a human immortal courtesy of her self-Cryopreservation which is one of her many Cryokinetic abilities.  Elsa is considered one of the most prolific Cryokinesis masters on Earth! Jack was responsible for corrupting her, and for a time she surely didn’t use her winter powers for good….Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog...

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