Where Should I Go During A Zombie Apocalypse?

How Will I Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?
Urban ZombiesAs news spreads in the early days of an epidemic that resembles zombification stay at home as much as possible making only quick runs to the store until supplies dwindle.  Once your told to not even bother going to work, and the store shelves are empty it’s time to fully hunker down in your basement, or a concrete bunker, which you should have loaded with supplies in anticipation of the infamous zombie outbreak.  If you live in an apartment you’re screwed!  If you live in a city you should go live with a rural friend, or relative as it becomes a citywide epidemic.  Generally once government roadway checkpoints go up this means things are getting really bad.  You certainly want to get out of there before they quarantine the entire city.  Otherwise you will be trapped in the equivalent of huge urban graveyard with skyscrapers acting as tombstones  The urban centers are where the outbreaks will begin, and the zombie hoards will spread forth from into the rural areas.  I’d recommend getting the hell out of these cities which are already violent centers of tyrannical government.

Now you might be thinking you should flee your home immediately but there will be a lot of chaos, and bloodshed taking place as the military, police, and random citizens let the bullets, and explosives fly free upon the zombie masses.  Even before that you don’t want to stumble into a quarantined area, and be trapped thereby almost guaranteeing you will contract the zombie virus.  The thing is you will be in denial for quite some time, and won’t believe things will get so bad.  Not to mention the fact that the government will downplay everything to prevent public panic so by the time you realize that the zombies are winning it will be too late to flee.  So stay put in your small safe haven until you almost run out of supplies.  Hopefully you have at least 6 months worth.

Things will quiet down as a large section of the populace become zombies.  It should just be mostly zombies stumbling about the deserted streets.  Hopefully you still have your car fully gassed up, or you can take one of the many abandoned ones, and hit the road.  Try to stick to rural roads where you could drive off road around cars, corpses, and debris blocking the roads.  Along the way stop at stores, or homes to search for food, and supplies.  Always be cautiously armed ready to take down any zombies lurking about.  If you spot a zombie will driving don’t hesitate to mow them down by pressing the gas pedal to the floor with extreme prejudice as they are soulless creatures.  It’s always best to travel in a group with many people, and vehicles so you have someone to watch your back along with switching cars if one breaks down, or runs out of fuel.  Most gas stations will be bled dry so you will need to siphon fuel from random cars, and trucks.

So where are you traveling to?  Is there an end game, or will you live a mindless nomad life amid the ruins of society as you slaughter the living daylights out of zombies everyday?  What you will be looking for is a small island. Preferably one free of a cold winter season Zombie Apocalyptic Meltdownas you will need to turn to agriculture in order to survive.  The looting of supplies won’t last forever especially with other groups of humans foraging about.  It would be best now to scout out the closest islands to your current location. There should be plenty of abandoned boats to take you to your future safe haven.  Once there be ready to clean the island of zombies.  If you successfully eradicate them all that will be the end of them because zombies are too stupid to swim, and there’s no motivation from them to head into a large body of water.  Also be prepared for the likelihood that some other group has already claimed your island of choice.  You may have to negotiate with them to live there, and prove your worth.  You may also have to engage in war to earn a piece of the land.  That’s why you should stop at gun stores, police stations, and military bases along the way so you have the means to protect your group from zombies, and rival factions of humans who don’t want to live in peace.

Once your island is secured you can set up a farm, and begin to build a new society free of the zombie scourge.  It’s of course essential that you also collected seeds, and farming supplies along the way.  Perhaps some chickens, and small farm animals as well.  You might have to make some journeys to the mainland to collect more supplies to be fully self-sustained.  Hopefully you can find some cows, and other animals that the zombies didn’t get hold of so you don’t have to be a vegetarian (probably with very few fruits). That is unless that’s the lifestyle you prefer. Setting up greenhouses, even if just plastic, and wire, could save the community from adverse weather destroying your crops. Equipment to take advantage of wind, and solar energy will allow you to return to some sense of normalcy as you rebuild your life as best you can.  Your days will be spent working to survive, and maintain the community with little time for entertainment.  However you will be happy to at least be at peace, and not under constant attack.

If an island doesn’t work out for you then find the most desolate rural area possible in warmer regions.  Preferably surrounded by hills, and mountains that would be difficult for an awkward lumbering zombie to traverse.  Theoretically there should only be locals who turned into zombies so clean out should be easy especially in wide open areas.  The further away from  cities the better since there’s no reason for masses of zombie to travel too far into the country. Of course if they finish off all the humans they could eventually wander into your area randomly.  Just know it’s only a matter of time before the whole lot of them rot, and turn into immobile skeletons.  Worst case scenario is ten years before all the zombies are dead.  Then you can venture back to the mainland if you wish.  It certainly will be necessary someday as your population grows.

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