Are Werewolves Immortal?

Unlike Vampires, and other members of the living dead, Werewolves don’t enjoy the gift of eternal life. The only exception is rare royal Lycan werewolves who were the first of their kind. Common werewolves are technically immortal in Wolf form but that only occurs on a handful of Full Moon nights each month. This is due to the demonic DNA contained within their cells. Most supernatural beings who have the DNA of higher dimensional beings are usually immortal. In human form, a werewolf doesn’t have the complete DNA activation and therefore merely ages more slowly than a normal human. There’s also the benefit of varying levels of cellular regeneration that occurs with each werewolf transformation. In their human form, they also display superhuman traits like enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses.

The Long-Lived Lycanthrope

The average human lifespan is about 80 years old with the longest lives not going much past 120 years old. Werewolves on the other hand often live to see 175 years old. That is if they manage to avoid Werewolf Hunters and other types of monster slayers! The oldest known Werewolf on record was 251 years old. This is via non-magical interference. There are sparse reports of werewolf packs who delve into the dark demon-worshipping magics to ensure eternity is secured for them. These packs can be thousands of years old and are some of the most powerful of their kind on Earth! There are also rumors of werewolves in human form who die of old age or natural causes just as a transmutation begins. It’s said they end up staying in werewolf form with their sentient awareness intact for all eternity. Although they can never be human again. Of course, they could still be killed with a silver bullet or other methods to finally find peace in the afterlife.

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