How Do You Defeat A Mummy?

Mummies resurrected by the disturbance of their tombs or even by a group of misguided worshipers are extremely difficult to eradicate! This is due to the dark magic of their infamous Curse that protects them. That’s why beheading and even incineration in holy flames is no guarantee of death! It’s the Mummy’s Curse cast by ancient Priests through the power of Egyptian Gods that grants them a return to life. Of course, once a Curse is initiated it takes on a life of its own. That being said this is one instance where Zombies are something good. Even with the most powerful of curses zombie flesh can inexplicably bring down the entire house of cards. Tricking a Mummy into eating some zombie meat will cause them to instantly burst into brilliant shimmering sands. The exact metaphysical mechanism of this miracle lies in the original curse being derived from zombies. There’s also the act of a fellow member of the Walking Dead contaminating another.🧟‍♂️

The Hope Of A Counter To The Mummy’s Curse

Extremely powerful Practitioners Of Magic may be able to examine any given Mummy’s Curse and concoct a counter-curse. Especially the current masters of cursing that we know as the mysterious Gypsies. Additionally, there are the notorious Voodoo Priests who are proficient in resurrecting zombies. Still, Anti-Curses are a rare commodity that must be balanced perfectly. If not then a major metaphysical meltdown can occur causing the Curse to shower a reign of terror onto a great many innocent people! There have been successes as witnessed by stable Mummies on display in museums. If done properly the lumbering pile of bandages and desiccated flesh can be returned to its sarcophagus. This is generally followed by a supernatural sealing spell. Depending on the magic used they can also be reduced to the aforementioned shimmering sand. Interestingly enough, fallen mummy ashes or sand is an essential ingredient in various foolish resurrection spells. Some even think it holds the key for curing the zombie virus! All of which risk resurrecting the Curse or possibly causing the Mummy’s spirit to possess a human!

Force The Mummy Back Into His Or Her Tomb

There is some evidence that forcing a mummy back into their sarcophagus and sealing it can end the reign of terror!  However, it’s unlikely it would be that easy to re-bottle the curse. At the least, it would also need to be returned to its tomb that should be magically sealed as well. Realistically it’s damn difficult to man handle a mummy even with super strength or magic. The curse provides immunity to many forms of magic. There is one ancient anecdote of four powerful First Generation Vampires returning a Mummy to his tomb as they called upon a demonic dark patron saint to seal it up. Undoubtedly, they were deeply offended by the Mummy stealing their human meals!

The Human Corpse Solution

The Mummy must continually consume live humans to regenerate and remove its bandages. As previously mentioned zombie meat will mess them up real good. To a lesser extent eating a human corpse dead for over 24 hours will put a monkey wrench in their reanimation plans. Plausibly you could trick them into thinking a corpse is merely a person sleeping. This mistake on their part will only cause a slow decay. They must then scramble to find a Virgin to consume within the next 24 hours! The complete purity of the flesh, blood, and soul is the only thing that can reverse their decline. If they don’t then they will be exterminated!

What To Do If A Mummy Is After You!

If you feel you’re being stalked by a mummy who may eye you as a meal or perhaps even a love interest then immediately run away and hide! Preferably in a church or some other holy place. As the Mummy ironically doesn’t want to be around death it is likely a holy church graveyard might be the best place to hide! Due to the Curse, there’s really no other way to repel a Mummy. There’s just dead flesh or a place where your deity of choice might provide some level of protection. Once you’re safe contact your nearest Egyptologist, Mummification Master, Witch, Gypsy, Voodoo Master or other paranormal professionals!🤕

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