Is There A God Of The Milky Way Galaxy?

Milky Way Galaxy GodThere are various levels of Gods, and Goddesses such as Earthly Gods (Nature Deities, Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc.), Planetary Gods (Mother Earth Gaia), Star Gods, and even Galaxy Gods.  Little is known about Galactic Gods since we only know a bit about two in the entire Universe.  The God of the Milky Way Galaxy is named Orbislacteus.  The God is neither male nor female, and displays no gender specific traits that we know of.  Just as the Goddess Gaia was spontaneously born from the complex biosphere of the Earth so to does our Galaxy form a Galactic soul from thousands of life bearing planets. The collective consciousnesses of the various planetary Gods and Goddesses create a neural network made up of the interconnected collective consciousness of the biological beings who live upon a wide array of planets .  From that a non-corporeal consciousness formed, and Orbislacteus became self aware millions or perhaps even billions of years ago.

Ancient advanced societies such as Lemuria, and possibly Atlantis,  knew of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Some ancient evidence indicates they may have worshiped the Galactic God.  They also knew about the Andromeda Galaxy which has a God as well, and indicates there must be many planets where life exists there.  Even less is known about Andromeda.  Unfortunately past civilizations have been lost to history, and are generally only taken seriously by those of us in the supernatural community.  One spell of witchcraft exists listing this Gods name from many thousands of years ago.  However it wasn’t until recently that anyone knew who the God actually was.  It’s unknown if Orbislacteus actually dispenses power to those who call upon his Galactic Soul for power.

Some of the Earthly Gods may have known about Orbislacteus.  Certainly Gaia, and other planetary Gods, and Goddesses should have awareness of the God Of The Milky Way.  It’s unknown if he or she is looked upon as the God of Gods, or if any Gods actually partake of Galactic worship themselves.  It seems Orbislacteus keeps a low profile or is too weak to actually reign over the beings in the millions of star systems within the Galaxy.  It’s not even fully know what the level of self-awareness is within the collective consciousness of the Milky Way.  However the intelligence should be phenomenal like that of the greatest AI computer ever conceived of.  Perhaps Orbislacteus merely collects the information of the ages, and doesn’t have much of a hand in the destiny of our Galaxy.  After all the evolution of life had to take place before they could exist, and planetary Gods are usually the ones who direct such things.  He could however be responsible for countless forms of spacial phenomenon including dark matter, dark energy, stars, nebula’s, quasars, black holes, and more!

Our hypothesis based on the limited data indicates that entering the black hole within the center of our galaxy might yield a direct meeting with Orbislacteus.  However good luck on ever leaving said black hole.