The Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon Werewolf

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A hungry werewolf eyes a farmer’s livestock for his next meal!

The Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon of September will bring us Werewolves who gravitate toward farm fields rather than their usual woodland haunts. This is a danger for farmers hard at work harvesting crops in the evening as they utilize the bright lunar light to finish their work. The werewolves of this Moon will display average aggression and the standard urge to feed their huge hunger. Often livestock ends up falling prey to these monsters if no humans are present. They don’t usually enter homes and other sealed structures unless provoked. Keep your windows closed at night! Common wolves who would be the usual threat to domesticated animals in some areas often vanish as they sense the apex werewolf predator in the vicinity! 🐺

Far Less Coded Crop Circles From Hell This Year!

The Harvest Moon often finds a demonic hand swirling the lunar light just enough to trigger an odd effect in the Werewolves demon-based DNA. They are compelled to create crop circles that are actually coded messages from Hell to their malevolent minions on Earth! These are mad marching orders from the Devil directing his operatives to assume various strategic positions for the Halloween Season. This will be far more minimal this year since Halloween Queen Shala has a strong hand in deterring these crop circle codes. However, it’s a fair bet that the perplexing powers of Hell will find another way to make their wayward wishes clear to their fanatical followers. Read The Rest Of This Werewolf Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…😈

Summon A Fall Fairy For Help Against A Werewolf…🧚

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